The 322km/h Alpina B5 Touring is the ULTIMATE SLEEPER!

There’s a certain something about an incredibly fast yet discrete estate car, and the Alpina B5 Biturbo Touring is up there with the best you can find! As the fastest station wagon available to buy with a top speed of 322km/h, the 5 Series estate features a host of Alpina specific aspects that make it more exclusive than otherwise so join me for a full tour and driving experience to find out what it’s like.

With a 4.4l V8, the Alpina B5 Biturbo offers 608ps and 800nm to help propel it to the top speed. However, it does this in style and comfort without a huge sense of drama, making it an absolute sleeper with immense capability but without shouting about it. On the exterior there are updates bumpers and small visual changes, while the interior features a new look dashboard.

During the Alpina Drive Day at the Salzburgring, we kick off in the paddock to take a tour of the specifics to the car before heading out for a brief drive to get an understanding of what it’s all about.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

The Alpina B5 Biturbo Touring is the fastest estate car in the world with a top speed of 322km/h, and with discrete styling does that make it the ultimate sleeper? Join me to take a look and a test drive during the Alpina Drive Day to see what it's all about.

Matthew says:

I stopped watching it, so femimnine host.

Artur Eff says:

bmw is looking old from the first day…..

Geeth San says:

Oh boy this is giving me the feeling down there. What a stunning idea for a car. Would buy.

Christoph Ryll says:

It's not a BMW! Alpina is an independent car manufactor!!!

tfs2O3 says:

I own an Alpina B7 BiTurbo that I purchased used with 34000miles. Estoril Blue/Black+CF. It has now become my everyday and I love it! Its no 608bhp but 540bhp isnt bad.

Francisco Chagas Correia says:

"Well you might be wondering what's so special about this car". I think the title spoiled that 🙂

Ali Rashid says:

How comfy is this over bad roads? What other car would you compare it to… In terms of ride quality?

04smallmj says:

I really like this colour

Levi Brand says:


Moje Fotky says:

such a powerfull car and what is mr. Shmee doing most of the time? Talking, talking, talking and cruising around slowely. You bored me to death. SHAME ON YOU!!!


Hey shmee see if you can get a few shipped over to the states.

Stephen Ewing says:

Speak properly man.

V Huynh says:

Did you already pick out your spec???

jbss7382 says:

Question? Why would anyone buy any BMW model with their recent spontaneous fires or “Thermal incidents” as BMW put it?? Just not worth driving around in mobile petrol “bomb” incendiary device.

AI F says:

Awesome car. So annoyed Alpina refuse to release them in Australia.

Jonathan Reed says:

We Americans are so jealous! We will not get this for 25 more years!

Pedro Sousa says:

Great review. Distasteful car.

Lloyd Davis says:

Beautiful car. I miss the M5 on the channel

Morgan Thomas says:

Since when is an Alpina a sleeper? Anyone who knows about cars would notice the wheels and that famous Alpina badge a mile away. Anyway it’s a fantastic piece of engineering


I hate the Km/h thing! All speeds in mph please. 👍

Black Lines Matter says:

Too many ads!

The H dz says:

Never thought about keeping a vehicle all my life until I saw this. One day I'll get it

Zone Television says:

Yeah but the E60 was doing these speeds 10 years ago. .. and N/A no less.

Andrew Gruver says:

Doug's the kinda guy who's friend sets him up for a blind date and he thinks it's with a car.

ALi Ta says:

Alpina vs Brabus please

Berba tov says:

Crazy sleeper with the four exhaust pipes and the alpina logo. how stupid you must be to think this is a sleeper? in Germany everybody knows the power of those cars.

Shilpa Samarai says:

Great car…love it shmee! but it would be great if u revved the engine but I know it's not possible in the busy schedule… Can't wait for the arrival of G63 though

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