The 3 Coolest Skeleton Watches Around $300 – Mechanical, Auto & Quartz

What do the world renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, Salisbury Cathedral, Amelia Earhart, and haute horology all have in common?

The surprising answer is skeleton style watches!

In this video I look at the best value options for quartz, automatic, and manual wind skeleton watches around $300, as well as a cheeky appearance by the cantankerous and rambunctious dinosaur of horology, the rex-father himself, Hugo Mountbatten.

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The Velo In The Vale says:

I really struggle to go near Seagull – Chinese products are so ubiquitous these days, I'm none too keen to encourage them with my patronage; I appreciate however that not everything made in China is junk and they are capable of some higher quality manufacturing, still …. made in China for a watch? No matter how pretty, it doesn't quite get this Mastodon masticating. Having said that, Swatch are hideous … I've held to that view since the 1980's … they are about as fashionable as WHAM.

Ceryz epop says:

Hey, what's the watch at 5:21 ? Can't find wich model it is

Nathaniel Fernando says:

Is stuhrling watches any good?

Skap says:

After seeing that wittenauer. Had to research and find one aswell, which eventually I did also on eBay for about 320$ few scratches on the crystal but easily my new favorite even with the small size

Shoaib Dhaga says:

Hi TGV, do check XIAOMI CIGA Design Men Automatic Mechanical Watch.

nicocalimero says:

The last rotary seems to have the seagull movement. I have a M182SK and it is just a marvel to watch. Moreover the accuracy is amazing.

a-klotz LP says:

Hugo is best

Copenhagen Guy says:

Should i buy The Sea-Gull or Swatch body and soul?
I would appreciate ur guys opinion.

SantaMuerte livE says:

The 1st To do the skeletonized wrist watch was Sir Dezz Nutz Lu Cunt. In 1755

Vicius IASL says:

Any opinions on the swatch yas100g? Is it good? Any option in that style? Thank you

don'tcheat youcowards says:

i am sorry to disagree abt. swatch… swatches are all disposable watch.. their watches has no way to open & repair inside.. especially the automatic it has no adjustment for accuracy.. if it fails to tell time correctly then there is no way to correct it…

neil piper says:

Sea-gull skeleton watch is the best

Bhavik Shah says:

like the way you say – very very rudimentary

Coleoleole says:

Have you heard of the brand
I found one kinda royal oak looks (skeletonized) and I like it but it’s about 500 usd and I would like to know if it would be a good purchase

Ace Space says:

+@UC0ulDfOIUVoZAhHPuCTiawg I just got into watches but i somehow really like these skeleton style watches! Looks great

Opal Gaming says:

Swatch iron body and soul automatic is amazing too.

Mogician Ma says:

The Seagull should look even better in rose gold.

Mikuni says:

i can't find a reliable website to purchase the Sea-gull m182sk. Apparently even the chinese legit companies have trouble with bad replicas of their products. There are more then 2 website claiming they're the original one, each one have an official facebook page and each one accept payments through paypal.

Mike H says:

Im not going to lie i just recently came across your channel and thought it would be another guy showing off and making me feel poor. But i definitely was wrong ive been binging your videos, amazing content!

simon adkins says:

Hi iv recently bought the Tissot T complication , do u think the price is to much for the watch ?

Nauman Mirza says:

hi there please review the jean bellucor skeleton watch and let us know

Freddie says:

Glad to see that a Swatch was mentioned, the only skeleton watch I have is a Swatch Vatel. Wonderful videos as always

Ty Nguyen says:

Now you know Chinese product is good. China even make battery for your phone

Dominic LaConte says:

Mvmt made the first skeleton watch

Joe Blow2 says:

More Dinosaur

Hari T says:

I just got myself an Aries Gold El Tora G 9005 S-S. A lesser known brand and the only brand from Singapore.

jtomes123 says:

though some people may be against it, you could get the hands blued on the last piece when you have it serviced, if it makes you happier

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