That’s Why Most Bike Lanes Painted Green

That's Why Most Bike Lanes Painted Green

Why are most bike lanes painted green? Have you ever been on the road, taken a glance to the side, and wondered why the bike lane next to you is painted green? Did the city get a heck of a deal on green paint? We have the answer to that question and a ton more interesting facts for you today.

How about this? Around 360 million years ago, there was so much oxygen in the air that the Earth was home to giant insects. Some of them could spread their wings up to 28 inches in length. Speaking of giants, before trees appeared on Earth, the land was overtaken with giant mushrooms that could reach 24 feet in height. Isn’t it cool? So, guys, the next time there’s an awkward silence, remember some of these cool facts and amaze your vis-a-vis!

Giant insects 0:21
Giant mushrooms 0:59
Lobsters are for the poor 1:10
What a lemniscate is 1:52
The rarest blood type 2:02
The scent of rain 2:20
We exhale the fat? 2:50
The tallest mountain in our solar system 3:15
How Nutella was invented 4:02
Epic April Fools prank 4:14
The most popular month for child birth 4:52
The largest thing ever captured in a photo 5:06
The largest living tree on Earth 5:16
The world’s largest marsupials 5:45
Train cars in the ocean 6:11
The most expensive substance in the world 6:57
Extreme ironing 7:10
Just Room Enough Island 7:27
Who stole Einstein’s brain 7:48
Why are bike lanes painted green 8:31
The largest snowflake 8:45

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