Texas BBQ Has A Secret Location In LA

Texas BBQ Has A Secret Location In LA

Trudy’s Underground Barbecue in LA has a secret location. To find it, you need to direct message Trudy himself on Instagram. During the week, it takes a total of three days for the brisket to be fully prepared. Then on weekends, fans of the Texan-style meat trickle into the secret location for a one-of-a-kind BBQ sandwich.

See more from Trudy’s Underground Barbecue: https://www.instagram.com/trudys_underground_barbecue/

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Produced by: Sydney Kramer

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rambo john says:

Beef is love and life is love.

Jaime Garcia says:

my dream what you do! asome

Mama Mable's Boy OKIE Cooking says:

Food Insider you guys did a great job at showcasing Trudy! You guys make those briskets look so juicy and yummy. I’m an inspired chef and would love you guys to help this old man get more subscriber on my channel.

I love Boxing says:

Меня хватило на1:37сек. я не могу это смотреть

Hot Pockets says:

California sucks!!!!!!!

Razvan Geamanu says:

Secret location my ass , it is marketing strategy if it was secret why in the hell would the owner agree to appear on yt and give out his secret so fast…

macauman84 says:

It’s a pork or beef ?

Murad Khan says:

I watch this vid some 100 time.

Xavier Perez says:

No ma mes esa carne esta para unos tacos con su guacamole bien vergas

Floofa says:

the meat looks good, *but toast!?*

袁鹏 says:


sevban tarım says:

Bok bulsaniz yiyeceksiniz

Marcos René von Mengden says:

Do what kind of meet he uses?

flexr642 says:

4:30 Please don’t tell me that was ketchup 🤨

SomeDumbChannel says:

shouldn’t the title be had a secret location

Joshua Aldrich Blasco says:

Well, it is not secret anymore……

エンナル says:


Bass and Amp says:

nice way of getting cancer

jon snow says:

You americans fat bastards ruin everything 😑 you dont even know how to work with meat 😒 i tried it smells like uuugh 😵😾

nazmul haq nion says:

i am coming give me visa

Murat DUMAN says:

One öyle etin üstünü asfaltlamışlar yenir mi o et 🙂 Türkiye ye gelin TANDIR KEBABI .ŞİŞ KEBAP. ADANA KEBAP yiyin bakın bu yediklerinizi nasıl unutabilirsiniz abonesi olursunuz ANTEP BAKLAVASI üüüff yiyinde görün pisikopat Nusret te gidip yormayın kendinizi 🙂

TheElectro God says:

im hungry

Робот полицейский says:

Он посланник ада, для веганов 👍👍👍😋

e30325ikiller says:

lol marketing bullshit

L G says:


Don WooD Kh says:

Wow…amazing!!! Ya jus cant say it may not be de best…. It certainly luks de best and all de way from here i can only dream of tastin it….

domagoj hribar says:

I dont like it

theburners32141 says:

This guy is claiming that the bbq community is nice and open yet he admits to only let people know about his bbq if he can see himself hanging out with, that does not seem very welcoming to me. LA types. Pass.

Muhd Shah Rizal Mohamat Noh says:

I’m hungry but i not eating bbq i eating magge curry

sikiten sumire says:


Ronald Reddy says:

sir which place in LA. you have your BBQ. please let me know. would like to come for lunch. Double peace

bznpurrah faamausili says:

Can I stop by with my family. We from San Diego

Jhoncena Mariposa says:

Oh my I can BBQ pretty well since
I do barbecue

TheAstrius says:

Man it looks good but I am from the South I need a plate of BBQ and the bread on the side, about a pound or two should cut it, just let me keep that bottle of BBQ sauce while youre at it.


Anam etin az yeri is olsa yedirmezdi bunlar islemek için çıldırııyor

Adam Barton says:

about 3 million views……business should be booming like crazy now……it ain’t no secret….texas bbq…all southern bbq is bomb.

Ravi Lal says:

Can I get a job.. I love this sir

Satriyo Subandhi says:

not so secret now is it

Einstat Gt says:

Well its not secret anymore

Brett Azevedo says:

LA has garbage bbq, don’t let this fool you

fatih can says:

its pig brisket right

Mitke 420 says:

if u want to taste best meat products come to serbia

bob steadman says:

You, sir, are a master of ‘Q’!. I started out the same as you and that was 30 years ago. Always new culinary horizons to find. As a Texan transplanted to Virginia your welcome at my pit anytime.

Bianco bendinelli rocha says:

Isso que é churrasco pra brasileiro nenhum botar defeito

Gacha Love says:

At my class, A student said to everyone that boys/man cant cook..Then I show her this video and everyone also..Everyone Said OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH then she ran and cried in the restroom.

ERLVoltage Restriction-Gaming says:

You need tortillas , made with corn.

julle huu says:

yea get fucked

TheFizu says:

He should hire some workers

ด่าควาย ดีกว่า says:

not food.

sultan bayazeed says:

it looks very delicious 😋