Testing The Cheap Watch Repair Tool Kit

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Anthony Wybourn says:

Thanks for a very instructive video. I was thinking of buying this kit so found this very useful.

baby says:

you are wearing a Orient watch . am i right ?

Matt 17 says:

I’ve just got myself one of these kits , I hope one day to get myself a watch 👊

Solder Joe says:

I have found many uses for this kit, not just watches. For repairing tiny PCB boards like phones tablets and battery packs. I have been working on rebuilding remote and Bluetooth controlled LED lights. Some of them are bloody expensive. The little vice is handy.

The back opener can be used for all devices that use that mounting design. With custom long tips made from old screwdrivers, you can reach deep into a case and undo triple tabbed boards. Handy having the adjustments in the handle, I just wish it would expand just a little larger but it's a good size for light bulbs. You just line up the plastic tabs with all 3 rods and push and the board pops right out.

I have not found another use for the strap resizer. Yet. The screwdrivers are kind of soft even for cheap drivers. Polish the tips so all the black is gone. Heat the tips up till the metal turns brown then blue just on the tip and then quench them with cold oil they harden up. Otherwise, the blades bend to easy. A good sturdy spudger. It's worth the 20 bucks.

J. B. says:

I'm just starting to get into modding watches and this video is great for a beginner like me. No complicated jargon, just a straightforward review with a real demonstration of the tools just as I would use them.

Thanks for posting.

K Lokkengek says:

"This is what EDC Gunner says…..OEPS… the screw has gone ! "  LOL…..  🙂   You are unbeatable my phriend!!!   But please confirm to me one thing…does it fit into your Damned Nutsack manbag ?  😉

Bolum says:

I bought this a year ago and all the tools except for the case holder got broken already. It's bad quality but for the price you can't complain.

Nuno MC says:

…and that case holder doesn't avoid most chronograph pushers, but hey ! For 20 bucks this is 🔝

Nuno MC says:

Jovanovič, my friend, I have a similar piece of kit. Good value for money. That blue plastic pin remover breaks too much "points" 'though (it comes with 2 spare points) and the screwdrivers loose their screwed tip 😂 Once I lost the tip inside an audio amplifier, only noticed when I closed its cover and looked at the screw driver lol

MrOpinion says:

Thats funny. I almost bought the exact same kit

Mark Bloom says:

I got pretty much the same tool kit but mine came with the tool to take off the hands also, works good for an amateur like me, paying $8 to have a jeweler take a link out of a bracelet is ridiculous great video thanks! Have a good day buddy