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It feels like The Big Bang Theory has been topping the TV ratings since the beginning of time but it won’t be around for much longer. The sitcom juggernaut … Watch

From a jail worker that forgot to lock the door, to 3 inmates that escaped prison dressed as guards.

Here are 5 Real Prison Breaks caught on camera.

Music used: Real Chill Old School Hip … Watch

The biggest death-row break out in U.S history and the world’s first helicopter escape.

Narrated by Sean Bean, Real Prison Breaks investigates cases from across the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The series … Watch

That Irish guy stops by and does some things with the other guys.
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Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of characters who left the show with a hidden reason for that. One of the characters was Lexie Grey. As the actress, Chyler Leigh got tired of her image on … Watch

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7 Most Insane Future Motorcycles In The World

Transformers Voice Compares https://goo.gl/krJrxY
Transformers Fan Art https://goo.gl/4w4zoU


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