JUSTICE LEAGUE 2017 DC COMIC VS THE AVENGERS MARVEL COMIC – EPIC BATTLE SUPERHEROES COMIC ( Grand Theft Auto V) The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by [More]
“General: How Did you get all five cards? Michael: The frustration must be killing you.” Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prisonbreak.hun/
Check out this Apple Watch Milanese Loop from Epic Watch Bands. This is a very cool tightly knit stainless steel mesh band. It is very lightweight and feels great against your skin. This is the [More]
My SECRET ROMANTIC DIY CHRISTMAS WITH HACKER GIRL GOT RUINED! Project Zorgo showed up at my office and interrupted Hacker Girl’s face reveal. Now we have to use our Nerf arsenal and spy gadget traps [More]
Brand new weekly fail compilation of the best SUMMER 2018 Fails for June! Featuring the funniest water fails such as Pool, Swimming, Jet Ski, Slip and Slide, Parasailing, Beach, Rope Swing and more of the [More]
Brand new weekly fail compilation of the funniest Fails of the week for November 2018. Selection includes kids getting owned, trick shots gone wrong, home video bloopers, crashes caught on tape, stunts and more outtakes, [More]
Unboxing and thoughts on the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN, its history and relationship with the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program aka TOPGUN and the most epic opening in film history. [More]
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We decided to get up and leave the country.. now we are here!! 4 nights in BALI RECENT FUN VLOGS ⇣ *won’t believe what happened ⇢ https://youtu.be/LKbVUbT2JNs *$20,000 FIRST CLASS⇢ https://youtu.be/VXoz7Ebsvo4 *WOKE UP & DECIDED [More]
What’s in Robert Downey Jr’s jewelry box? Watches—lots of them. RDJ explains the real—and maybe not so real—backstories behind his stunning timepieces Sit down with some of today’s top actors, musicians and athletes. Still haven’t [More]
Adopt don’t shop!!!! Pebble is my bestest friend in the wide world!!! Shes seen many many homes before we found each other. Please instead of a baby bird, find a turkey just like Pebble, who [More]
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“Eterna” is an epic trailer mashup from editor Vadzim Khudabets, featuring 99 different movie previews. See if you can recognize them all. This was “ETERNA 2013 – Epic Trailer Mashup of 99 Biggest Movies Ever [More]
Holymoly we love this animation so much!! Shoutout to Mightyraccoon for awesome animation. Unluckly Homemade Spiderkid missing in action!!! Original video by Mightyraccoon : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUSGSYEpPqA&t=127s Follow us on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/multiversespidey #mightyraccoon #spidermanvsspiderman
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