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Milk Tea says:

“Who tf is Lisa!!???”
-ssniperwolf 2016

Wolf Playz says:

She reminded me I still have ginger snaps on the dining room table from months ago. Gonna eat some of those tomorrow lol

Salubrious GoldFish says:

Dat toilet spray like drugs

Markl Markl says:

Ew they want you to shuf it in u butt dont plz font

Alexandra Navarro Torres says:


The life of Alizayy zia says:

Its my birthday can i get a subscribe guys?:)

Dipo says:

5 years later you will use it hahahaha XD

Manny Gutierrez says:

Ayy sniper wolf hit me up if ya single

Ines Schira says:

You are so nice

DeadScar YT says:

Use the dildo !!!

Mikey Pantalion says:

I love sniper wolf

Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black says:

SSSniperWolf wanna have a duel sometime this year before Christmas

Anime Editor says:

2018 Agust? Anybody?

Tiffany Bruun says:

I want food foooooooood

Tiffany Bruun says:

Your amazimg and beautiful

Yilmaz Baser says:

i love the moive knock knock but is so rude

Azmedon says:

Want some timtams?? 🙂

Mushroom Studio says:

If you had to put it on the ugliest part of you face I couldn’t find one
Your a great youtuber I love watching you vids
Don’t worry I’m no creepy guy
I think your really pretty and a great youtuber ❤️❤️

Rocking Roses says:

You’re gluten-free to omg

Alexander Murphy says:

I literally just started watching you like about a week ago and I LOVE your videos already!!!

pizzafish 65 says:

One of my family members is celiac

Aircraft says:

I know that you play sex

Jamaa Amadi says:

OMG you made this video on my birthday

Amelia Gilligan says:

Wait, do Sausage and Lia not sleep together????

Tanner Jackson says:

When she washed her hands I bet she used the dildo

Arturo Gomez says:

? you have a monster Hunter figure in the background


who ever sent her that p3n!s sucks and if you dont really care it doesnt matter to me

Hayley Stories says:

I miss her PO Box videos, Omegle videos, and the Craigslist prancing videos. :((

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