Stonking Beauty Of A Dial! Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Dress Watch 2237 Review – Perth WAtch #251

Review of this classic quality dress piece from Raymond Weil, featuring Swiss made Sellita SW200 movement & one beautiful dial!
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RAYMOND WEIL Maestro 2237-PC-00659 (feat. RW 4200 / Sellita SW200):
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Founder Timless Capital says:

Very elegant stylish looking dial, and one of my favourite movements…but I would have a long list of watches for the price that I would buy before this, I could get two vey nice Oris models for the price of this for example to add to the collection or 4 very nice Micro Brands…Sorry Raymond Weil but overpriced.

geoffrey ward says:

just don't see $2000 au ???????????

Claire CAVA says:

Nice !!! Wish I have one of these

Giang Vu says:

Nice review

David Holland says:

This watch immediately drops onto my list of watches I don't think Ivan would ever buy for himself. And why would you – it simply isn't that special and would not I suspect make you feel special when wearing it. The dial is indeed beautiful but sadly it doesn't look as though it belongs with what looks to be a very pale gold plated case and a quick click on your helpful link to Jomashop shows that this dial/hands combination looks far more comfortable with a silver coloured case. The rose gold version looks rather more convincing and I note that it is lower priced for some strange reason. In fact prices are all over the show for differing finishes – Why? And there's no getting around the fact that as others have said, this watch is over priced and facets including the rotor, under finished. I'm still finding the "Swiss Made" is inherently worth more money thing puzzling…

Ray Quintanilla says:

Very nice watch, but overpriced, but what watch isn’t overpriced anymore? At least proven quality is there in this one.

Joop Plankman says:

Hallo Ivan, nice looking watch. Finishing of the rotorweight is a little disappointing. Like the dial and hands.
I think the movement is magnitised. SW200 normally performs a lot better than that.

V1 Aviation says:

The dial is gorgeous, but the rest is a bit dull, and RRP is overly expensive for what you're getting, especially when you can get a Seiko Presage which looks similar in styling to the RW Maestro for a quarter or a third of the price.
Excellent review Ivan👍

Samuel Ball says:

Cheers Ivan. Nice piece. Dial is great and I like how the hands reach all the way to the edge i.e. seconds hand right to edge and minute hand to the markers. Nice touch. As other below have said – might be a good pick up on the grey market. Thanks for lending in for review too.

Satoshi Chomsky says:

face is exquisite

Len Powell says:

Hiya again.A Caddison for a fraction of the cost if you need a mechanical " dress piece" That's alot of cash that just is branded to its sale value? Also Mickey mouse size? Ok I am a hands on practical guy but worth £50.00 on a very good day?Mass produced mech movements are worth little ? Cheers as per.Sorry!

Alex Yoon says:

hey Ivan, thanks for the review. As you said, it really does have a nice looking dial, but everything else is just uhhhhhh….mundane stuff that you can find in many "Chinese brands". SW200 is rather nice, but not really much to write a home about. A$2000 is of course way over priced MSRP because currently it is being sold around US$500 range with bit more than 50% discount. Buckle/Clasp is nice, but it is not really comfortable to wear nor conform to your wrist easily. I had a couple of that type of clasp, but they weren't comfortable, so I switched to regular leather band with regular buckle. (Suggestion to Raymond Weil. they should provide an extra regular leather band with regular buckle OR at least just provide a buckle only for the people who wants to swap out the original band)
Again, Dial is nice and probably having huge discount on gray market wouldn't help the brand name in a long run and I truly believe that Raymond Weil is one of those brands that seriously need some major reconstruction of their brand image and specially watch collections.
Ivan, it is bit refreshing to see a dress watch, rather than plethora of diver reviews everywhere, however, dress watch is not as interesting as divers, chronos. It is bit tough to review unless it has some special horology of brand or special history of that watch.
Ivan, I have a question for you. I can tell a lot about watch brand's market place by looking at how much discounts they are being offered by gray sellers. Most of Raymond Weil is at 50 to 60%. A year ago, B&M was at 70% and most of Eterna is going around between 50 to 75%…etc. In your opinion, is this a rather clear indication of how the brand is doing? Specially when the Gray market discount goes over 50, 60% and more? (of course, exception of Invicta, ha ha ha).
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for your review and have a great day, Ivan.

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