Spillin’ The Tea: Racism in Drag Fandom & Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation | Billboard

Spillin’ The Tea: Racism in Drag Fandom & Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation | Billboard

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ alums Gia Gunn, Bob the Drag Queen, Jiggly Caliente, Aja, and Peppermint discuss racism in the drag community and what the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation is.

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seth richardson says:

im curious if anyone else would take "you speak English well" as a huge compliment. I study English so maybe that’s why, idk.

Alice Barrah says:

the rapport between these girls is so amazing

juiceroll says:

i think what the person was trying to express to bob was that she’s very articulate

Kooleb says:

Bob calling out the entire white population was so brave. God bless.

Jeremy L Bradley says:

Did I hear someone fart @12:55. 😂😂

rgserve says:

This show is so fucking informative and it features some bomb ass queens, YAS

Remi 💌 says:

ok but PEPPERMINT !!!

Isiah Perez says:

Give them only one question because these girls will dissect it and give ten page essays on what to do, what not to do, and why the moon landing was fake.

Bardo Hosbn says:

Saying "all white people are racist" is literally the definition of racism and prejudice. Fuck off with that bullshit.

Envy Lopez says:

I love this more please 💜💜✨😭

Bardo Hosbn says:

And i love at the end their like "we know we said some stuff during the show that has now been proven to be bullshit but its still an important discussion to have." lmao

wakememckinney says:

I consider myself a understandable and rational person. But the idea that “all white people are racist” is beyond me.

Vince C says:

Ugh giaaaa my queen

Traci Mitchell says:

Facts are facts!

YiYi says:

Bob is right. We all have qualities that we should work on and acknowledge.

nativedude49 says:

Omg this so true! In the beginning Bob talking about opening history books and seeing his people being hanged. How about us Native Americans we are totally forgetting and just barely mentioned. Think about that, we were forced from our ancestral land, millions murdered, forced and told that our language and culture was evil, children forced into boarding schools where they were raped and beaten. And this was not that long ago. We were forced to assimilate. Even now our reservations are third world counties, and we do not live off any government funds. Food for thought.

Totally loving this show! Love y’all

Jose Rosales says:

This series is everyfuckingthing!!!!!

GL Morticia says:


Jordan Griffiths says:

This was an absolutely amazing video full of such thoughtful and inspiring conversation

Jayyjo says:

Please please make this a permanent series, these girls are educated and educating on topics like this. Love all of y’all

Raphaël Ghünnter says:

I love how they’re so eloquent and articulate <3

B Wilz says:

This needed to be longer 🙁

Diego Torres says:

Please make this a regular thing. IS IMPORTANT.

Cameron White says:

"All white people are racist"……Yeah that’s not racist at all

Paco Alférez says:


Anthony Hale says:

Bob came right on thru!!!!!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Tim says:

As a white person, someone once explained to me that if you think you aren’t racist, the only thing that means is that you’re justifying your biases with what you assume are facts.

Edgar Barajas says:

First question… NO!
Cannot say a country is racist where the number one female artist is black…
I am so done with this race fckng card … bye!

That Rad Guy says:

"I don’t live in Australia but they racist too" he has no idea how right he is

Grant Greider says:

Actually, bob made me rethink a lot. I realized that I only follow Monét on Instagram. I only followed four queens on Instagram, but Monét was the only queen of color. I immediately followed some excellent queens of color who deserve follows

Johnny Drako says:

Well yes everyone is a little bit racist (haha avenue q reference) and while I agree with Bob that every white person is racist to an extent (again EVERYONE is a little bit racist) I do have have to disagree with Bob insinuating that only white people are racist, while she is right we have to acknowledge racism but in order to do that we have to acknowledge ALL racism not just white people being racist

haha123haha says:

I love you bob!

Bardo Hosbn says:

Having a grasp of the english language is not a white thing, its an eloquence thing. You can compliment people on their ability to articulate well and speak a language regardless of the color of their skin. I have no fucking idea where bob gets the idea that complimenting someone on their eloquence and articulation is racist but she needs to calm the fuck down. Real racism exists and its shit like this that make people not take it seriously.

brandon. says:

Bring these 5 back!

Rye Bread says:

What’s Naomi smalls race? Lol. I typed this before the end of the video

GracefulDanny says:

I really like Bobs outlook. When he said "all white people are racist" I was ready to go off, but he’s undeniably right that we all get biases culturally from birth. Though when we get older we can recognise them and debunk them, and ultimately do better for POC’s.

Rakesh Sharma says:

Not one to write comments, but god, this conversation was fantastic. Put this on the syllabus of everything everywhere dammit.

mayroymusik says:

That was a great discussion

Anthony Yan says:

11:57 aja having a mini stroke

thiefofthursday says:

11:09 actually lots of people are shamed by white Americans for having their own culture and food. My Korean friends would get made fun of because of their traditional foods. The examples Bob is using are all American food- burritos and sushi are as American as apple pie now. You would however find Mexican kids afraid to eat menudo and mole in public, and Korean kids afraid to eat kimchi and myulchi bokkeum in public. Ppl make fun of them, says their food smells weird, (it’s bc they use spices in their cooking unlike white Americans), In the USA "melting pot" means everyone is expected to adopt white American culture, but white Americans can steal the culture and water it down whenever they like

Baily Brittany McDaniel says:

Aja and Bob’s Sociology Class.

Anton Caldwell says:

Gia you look so beautiful 😍.

Midas Asmorodono Sosronegoro says:

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.
By the way, these casual conversations are great.

Amanda Nguyen says:

Bob is everything.

Mac Morris says:

Smart and crucial commentary, and entertaining. Let’s keep this going!!!!

Jack Nachtigal says:


Ali Gator says:

I wonder if the person that said to Bob that they speak English well, was trying to express how eloquent Bob is, and how well Bob expresses concepts and opinions. I think its the comedy mind that can put things into the words that the rest of us can’t find, and Bob is amazing at saying what everyone is thinking.

Ashad T. says:



ella says:


Jameal Fitzgerald says:

Bob is intelligent