SOiL – Unreal (Video)

SOiL – Unreal (Video)

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Sit back bare your cross to me
Oh won’t I listen
God damn have I burned my hands
On what’s been missing
I feel,.. Unreal everytime I try and stop to feel
Pick me up my friend
Let me start again

You fucked me
Behind this garden
Don’t fuck me

Long before I could even see
You’re what was missing
Twisting deep inside of me
Forever missing the glistening
I feel,.. Unreal
Everytime I try and stop to feel
Pick me up my friend
Hold closed your hand

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bryan salazar says:

Genial hombre genial

Caleb Foley says:

if nickelback was a pokemon this would be the evolved form

Josh Gardner says:

Scars was and still is a masterpiece. Such a good Cd.

Димана Стаменова says:

Omg I love this 1:58 – 2:18

guy smiley says:

I remember when soil came out
They had todays metal sound before today

Cynthia Dooley says:

Turn it up !!!

LitTube Channel says:

Freshman year of high school!

Imperial Curry says:

still listening to soil after soil aftet 10 years and ill b 21 in a month👌

Paula Ann Webb says:


Ahhw E-Any says:

I was starting to think I was one of their very, very few fans :/. Im all weren’t they kind of big? Or was that just in my world/ head? I still remember when I thought halo was being played alot. Then thought was that just me too only bc I liked it :/ ha. I think I was listening to them when I was still in ohio. Bc i liked the energy and thought it sounded different. I recorded them on a cassette on from radio, ha. They make me think of ozzfest too. I think a stripclub had me dancing to that when Zack wylde walked in. I remember that sh mainly bc their coats stucks out to me. Whick they were wearing their own sh. But i seriously thought they were a biker gang. In then some older folks gave me sh for it. Here in the sizouth…i like this song bc of a chapter book.

Dewii Rakhmawatii says:

Helli from Indonesia.. 2018..

DT B says:

this band has great potential

yolo bean says:

Love dis tune

Militilimad says:

18 ?

Baylor DeCorby says:


nikorox123 says:

2018 and i still here listening this masterpiece!

Will Tart says:

Who’s here 2018 29th March

ray dodd says:

This reminds me of losing my buddies in combat sorry Thompson

Gary Paterson says:

SOiL at Amplified Open Air Festival UK Exclusive Headliners Friday 6th July 2018 for tickets and full line up please go to
These guys are gonna blow the proverbial roof off m/

Marshall Cole says:

2018 and still listening to this song. Been a long time.

Aaron Berry says:

soooooo…… is nobody going to mention that he sounds the vocalist of Pearl Jam

The Skullarmi says:

When talentless schmucks like Nicki Minaj make more money than SOiL, shows the stability of the music industry… oh wait NM is commercial and SOiL is original. Never mind.

Mandy1empyrean says:


Phantom_xNLx says:

How does this epic song only have 19k likes??

Syed Fahad Ali Shah says:

Classic. Never gets old. Raw and pure.

Setheral Snake says:

Woooo yeah, keep em coming.

99488 44345 says:

i love the first CD thank you it helpd

Matt Siwik says:

Sup roxie foxy

Antique Headbanger says:

Not a song on this album I don’t like.

roger cortez says:

Rian MCombs yea!!!

hafshamvcc97 mohammad says:

How to pronounce SOiL? So-ill or just plain soil?

Devin Svennson says:

No one’s heard of death metal band Oppressor? The drummer, 1 guitarist, and bassist came from there. The other guitarist came from Broken Hope… another death metal band. What a slide.

игорь науменко says:

сука верните ню метал назад нехуя нормального не выпускают щас

menino Solitário says:


James Parker IV says:

Nope, Dingleberry, you know that day that was coming. Me and mangement had disagreement. No, Fool, Haha, nope, i run USMC and an i was shitty soldier but Idiot/Savant Scientist with bad attitude towards no one. We had a ball. I learned alot, did alot. Yaw shouldnt have known about or been doing anything stupid. This is why. Yeah, i have lots of names. You just Archangel, its why you dont understand. I kill the shit out some flying ass music-loving lying ass bug. But, i wanted too do it with style. So, long-distance, no handed up, all up in that big’o bug’s ass maneuver. So, i record their mind control as best as possible for evaluation. EWRA

Baylor DeCorby says:

man crush anyone?

Marco dos Anjos says:

Nostalgic 🔥

Raymond Tagacay says:


Crissic Crissic says:

Uh there’s something in there I see a demon in him I’m sorry

Sean Paul says:

Drowning pool, soil, papa roach, limp bizkit will forever by my favorite bands.

Decker Bloodlust says:

Is this metal creed??

Sandy Davis says:

Ah this song reminds of my love..darin ross..he looks like the singetnand we had memories with this band..i lost him…i him. Even for eternity.

Génesis mei says:

¡Temazo ! ❣

Tornado Streams says:

Заебись. Реально – заебись!

yolo bean says:

I cnt dtop playn dis tune I fukn luv it

Azuran 66 says:


Samantha Slade says:


Jeffrey Schmokdt says:

sound like a korn rip off band with a twist of tantric thrown in, not impressed

David Kerrigan 1981 says:

Wow this tune is amazing

Keisha Doerner Woodbridge Langford says: