Snap-on – VS – Harbor Freight ( MG725 / Earthquake XT ) 1/2″ Impact Wrenches

Snap-on – VS – Harbor Freight ( MG725 / Earthquake XT ) 1/2″ Impact Wrenches

Following up on our Earthquake XT video, a lot of you have requested that we feature a head-to-head test with the Snap-on MG725. This is the exact impact wrench that is in the Harbor Freight advertising, and we bought one brand new to run them side by side!

Check out the features & FULL TORQUE TESTING!!

Get the Earthquake XT here —

Get the Snap-on MG725 here —

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infinite monkeys says:

This video confirms what I’ve thought for years. The average guy who works on his own cars will be fine with Harbor Freight tools. You could buy and wear out three of the Earthquakes, and still be money ahead.

Jerry Lee says:

I don’t know if you’re reading this. But could you do a review once “Harbor freight” comes out with the new welder vs the old one that they’re removing?

tom lee says:

snapon and matco are taking advantage of the payment system, how can you deny whats right in front of your face

Poldus Eri says:

Snap On all the way! But wait, I need a loan to get it while with HF I just need a coupon. Thank you!

PoppaBloodVessel says:

Why no stress test?

Daniel Gonzalez says:

What plug are you using for the snap on? ,cause for max performance you need a fast flow plug.

Matthew Toskov says:

The earthquake XL now comes with a top protector piece just like Snap-on but it’s free it comes with a gun now got one with it on my gun

Andrew Brackin says:

Diesel mechanic here, we have a young new tech at work, has a bunch of harbor frieght tools. His earthquake made it exactly 2 months, and now just blows air. Not saying to go out and buy the most expensive Snap on version of a tool, but if your lively hood depends on your tools not failing stay away from harbor frieght air tools, thier hand tools are pretty decent and actually hold up though!!

Jay Primo says:

This video reminds me of the an old saying I’ve heard mainly pertaining to cars, but can be applied broadly….
*"Reliable performance isn’t cheap, while cheap performance isn’t reliable"*

A Poster says:

Made in China or made in Kenosha? I’ll take Kenosha. I worked heavy line in a GM dealership for 40 years. Cheap Chinese tools do not hold up.

halnwheels says:

I’ve noticed that HF is stepping up their game. They’re also not as inexpensive as they used to be. One thing this review didn’t touch on at all was what the construction is like. In other words, how long is this stuff going to last. HF stuff invariably shows you a parts breakdown, but good luck repairing or rebuilding their tools. So while the Snap On may only have a two year warranty, if it breaks after five years, you can repair or rebuild it most likely. WIth the HF you can just throw it away after the warranty is done. Now maybe it pays to get the HF, but most mechanics I know take pride in their tools. They take pride in knowing how well they’re constructed and it gives them a lot of confidence when applying considerable loads. This is certainly a debatable topic. If I could afford it, I would have a tool chest full of Snap On tools. I’m not a professional but I imagine that younger professionals today may not be paid well enough to stay away from HF completely. The price/performance ratio is just too compelling.

Christopher Kessinger says:

what about the electric version???

ken seeley says:

I do like my Harbor freight. When I started wrenching I would by Harbor freight to have it in my toolbox. But as I could afford it I would swap out our other brand name tools. It’s just too expensive to start off as a mechanic buying quality name tools to last you a long time because of the cost you just it’s so hard to live and buy tools.

Shrek2.0 says:

Durability is the question my experience harbor freight tool don’t last burn out quicker under heavy use/load

Shrek2.0 says:

Try a cordless. Test between harbor freight and dewalt

Jeff Jankiewicz says:

Great test video. Hmm…150 bucks for Earthquake. XT vs 600 for Snap On…no brainer here. Earthquake wins.

Big Al Cervantes says:

Based on the study between both impact drivers and geography where they were produced or manufactured, what would a majority of people buy? How much does do they cost?

Lorne Markle says:

Love the earthquake xt love the variable speeds in forward and reverse and i love that the lowest speed has a real low torque makes the job so much easier and you can buy about 3 of the eartquake xt’s to equal 1 snap on

Ryan Neuman says:

Bought the mg725 when it 1st came out. Went through three in three weeks before the snap on guy gave me my money back. Maybe snapon fixed the problem but it was to late. Will never buy another snap on impact. I have 3 IR 3/4 Qimax guns. 2 IR thunder series. 4 cornwell super duty blue impacts. I do own other snap on air tools. Some very old and some much newer all that perform to expectation.

Big Al Cervantes says:

I got the cost, it’s a huge difference for comparable amount of power. I would get the xt. Who cares if it’s made in China.

Daniel Eby says:

I am a tech at a dealership and I have the earthquake xt and i love it i use it every day all day and i keep up with the snap on and mac tool my whole box has nothing but harbor freight tool and I am satisfied yeah the other guys may say thing but they are also in thousands of dollars in tool debt where I dont owe anything I was scepticle on harbor freight impact socket but the are holding up really great

robu101 says:

Just buy two Earthquake XT’s and put the rest of the money in your pocket…..there’s your warranty.

Mountainman says:

In other words, I can buy 4 of the earthquakes for the price of 1 snap-on. Easy choice for me on this one.

amado khoury says:

Hey bud, I have used the snap-on gun for over 10 years and I have never had to rebuild it. I love it. It gives you the sense of security when your working on customer’s cars that the tires are properly mounted. To me that is priceless!!!!

Clay Ferguson says:

I have a MG725 it’s snapped bolts in the real world environment the earthquake only tried to the young guys at work have the earthquake because of the prices well my snap on brakes the shit it tries to I’m sticking with snap on it’s reliable

J.Ob3rting says:

20 years ago my Dad bought Snap-on tools, 2 years ago I bought HF. 2 years later I have a pile of broken tools, my Dad still has Snap-on…

C bigs says:

Thought snap- on was red?, Or blue

Jesus Lover says:

I have an IR 1/2 impact, that back in the 1960’s when I worked at a Ford dealership, the SnapOn tool guy challenged with his 1/2 impact. we couple them together with his special comparison coupling and my IR twisted his Backwards!
The IR has always been oiled with Marvel Mystery oil, on a water separator and lubber. I don’t use it as much now, but I would still put it up against a Snap On, some 50 years later, because it is
still going strong! I always respected the SnapOn guys for coming around faithfully each week, BUT Snap On screwed them, after they put thousands of dollars into their trucks, SnapOn started
putting their tools in Store of all kinds. Their tools have been surpassed in many cases by other brands; Yes and even those from China. Most of Harbor Freight tools will stand right beside SnapOn
tools if common sense is used when buying. Why buy a $30 wrench from SnapOn, when an $8 wrench from Harbor freight will do. Why, besides EGO, spend $10,000 for SnapOn tool Roller cabinet, Chest, side cabinets, etc as I did, when now the Harbor freight or other brands do the same job. As a mechanic I bought mostly SnapOn and a lot of Craftsman. I still do selective buying.
I have a young friend at a Foreign Car Shop, that just traded his Roller Cabinet in on a $30,000 SnapOn Roller Cabinet! He ended up paying something like $18,000 difference; SO his tools could lay
flat beside each other!
<>I also had 2 Rules: <>
1st Rule: If you borrowed a tool and broke it; you either replaced it or you never got to borrow another. Example: My co-worker borrowed my working SnapOn timing light, that I had just
taken off of a car. He returned it not working and argued that the cable was ripped open when he borrowed it: Really! He never got to borrow another tool!
2nd Rule: If I had to borrow a tool a second time, even from a different mechanic, on separate occasions, I bought my own!
I since have adopted another Rule: If a person I don’t know wants to borrow a tool: I go with it! I always get my tool back this way: not 6 months from now, or never, or broken!!

Charlie Ward says:

now work with them for 6 months in a professional setting and watch the cheap thing rattle itself to bits and watch the snap on still being perfect in 6 years

Tom Owens says:

Longevity is not addressed. I have had the same mg725 for 8 years. Beat the hell out of it in a diesel shop severe service. Never had a single issue. Seen other techs with the earthquake break their guns multiple times a year and borrow my old snappy. Make a video with simulated severe service over a length of time. I bet you will see a huge difference.

Stacy Goldbin says:

I’d prefer the Earthquake XT. Price is a big thing with me. Sure Snap-On is a really nice brand but not everyone can afford their prices. The variable torque setting is also something I’d enjoy with the Earthquake XT, as I’ve torn heads off bolts and nuts off bolts as well. Neither is a fun thing to try and replace.

Jeff Jankiewicz says:

Being a Dad of 4, cash is tight…and at 61 yrs old(started working on cars at 16)..90% of my tools are HF. Still holding up. Broken ratchet? New one short drive to store for replacement. Np. 😀. No waiting for tool trucks overpriced tools.

Robert Reyna says:

Can you please do a review on the earthquake xt stubby???

Rocky superstar says:

A great video.I use my snap on air impact every day.Works well.I also take care of it too.I use tranny fluid to lube my seals.It would be a nice test side by side to see how long the earthquake would last,compared to snap on…You do have to be carefull on the tools on the trucks.A lot of the tools carried on the trucks are made in China. I also buy tools from HF.

Tim Flanigan says:

Great comparison! …..Can’t help but hear Andy Rooney……

David Boulton says:

Harbour freight for me, I can buy 4 for the same price as rip off snap on,!👍👍🇬🇧

7islander says:

The earthquake is a bargain over the snap on but like many items from HF their are not parts or rebuild kits available. Still you can buy 3 of them for the cost of the snap on.

Tony Jung 87 says:

Awesome video. I had the snap on gun and was not happy with it. I traded it in on a Ingersoll rand and I am really happy I did. I wound up getting rid of all my snap on air tools and own all Ingersoll. You should do a video on cordless impact guns. I wondering how harbor freight cordless impacts are compared to others out there. Keep up the great videos.

Gus Dubon says:

Earthquake, nice work very informative

Melo Leon says:

Thanks for the video and very good video.

Donn Lowe says:

You can lose that stinking music and it wouldn’t bother me at all. I’d much rather hear what the tool sounds like when it’s under load. As far as I’m concerned that music only takes away from the test.

Devin Lynch says:

I have an old IR and I bet it’s stronger than both of those new guns put together it also weights about as much them put together but that’s besides the point XD

John Scott says:

You didn’t address durability/dependability….. the quality of the internal parts.

Sammy Something says:

The xt if it’s about money

bensaad abdessamed says:

This is cool man


My earthquake came with a rubber over mold.

SgtS0apy says:

HF all the way, quality is just naturally superior.

John Pilgrim says:

Earthquake xt is perfect for DIY and home work but my Snap on mg725 has been serving daily duty for years now, feels as strong as day one, and has yet to be serviced. Take that muffler off and it’s a little stronger.

Phillip Thomas says:

I love my snap on ratchets. But just about everything else you can buy cheaper and get a better warranty.

James Vermillion says:

I have an earthquake, only problem i had with it is my counterweights would hang up, so i took it apart cleaned out the grease put in by the manufacturer, started using marvel mystery oil in it, have not had a problem with it since, and no more hang ups?