Skillbuilder: 5 Tips for Using Files

Skillbuilder: 5 Tips for Using Files

The file is a basic tool, but it would be a mistake to call it simple. Files come in a variety of shapes, cuts, and coarseness depending on the job they’re designed to do.

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littlestworkshop says:

The main thing missing is something about proper stance at the vice, it makes a big difference.

TheApothecaryAus says:

and when worst comes to worst, use the vixen file.

MsSomeonenew says:

Tip no.1: Secure your work table/bench, you will be doing an awful lot more work if half of it goes into moving that table.

FoodOnCrack says:

Really hate it when you go to your local hardware store and they only have double cut bastards in different shapes..

dennis buckner says:

draw filing is only used to increase file sales btw…ya just said before that dont drag your file backwards

FLUX 45 says:

in the UK we call double cut…double bastard files

Double Dare Fan says:

I’m filing this one away for future reference.

FarmCraft101 says:

Cool. Didn’t know about the chalk. Thanks! Check my videos. I have a new channel on farming, homesteading, woodworking, etc. Putting a lot of work into the videos to keep them entertaining and not boring.

Fei Hong Woo says:

Can I shape steel into a specific shape with a diamond file

Anthony Reid says:

worst music

Martijn Fransen says:

a file also has a hollow site and a crowned side, when straight filing it is important to use the crowened side for this otherwise you will not get it flat

Aeoster says:

I liked for the chalk tip, everything else was pretty obvious for anyone owning a file/s. Ohhh, and the cleaning tip was pretty nice. I used to use compressed air or a fast high pressure rinse and quick dry… which is probably why I liked for the chalk tip.

Mazz • One says:

you’re gonna name basic 2D shapes then vaguely tell me ‘use which one needs using’ -_-

Kit Bear says:

Cloudkicker is such an odd choice of random words to generate, I can only assume that it didn’t happen by chance. I reckon it’s come from a character on Disney’s Talespin called Kit Cloudkicker.

nsvasquez says:

What, afraid to say "bastard?"

Mr Mürk says:

Next on Make: How to tie shoelaces

Dux Bellorum says:

For flat filing, it can be really hard to keep your hands level becausse the work forms a pivot point between your two hands and the leaverage keeps changing during your stroke. It is much easier to maintain a straight even cut if you hold the file in your dominant hand and only lightly guide it with your weak hand near the base of the file.

Tom Palmer says:

good video this becoming a lost art at one time this was a primary tool now there are for the most part better tools however these are a wide spread tool if a preaper packs a tool box for a bug out you will find files in the box should learn to use them and care for them

Espen Johansen says:

most of it was a bit too obvious for my taste

littlestworkshop says:

This book is a good reference: "File Filosophy by Nicholson File Co" available for download: It is the first link.

Sgtblack says:

What the heck? a Cloudkicker song? You guys are awesome.

Georg F says:

Thumbs up + sub for the chalk tip. Didn’t learn that in a three year vocational training.

Electronoob: Geeking Out says:

sorry, this is a shit video. so here is a shit message in response.

dscrive says:

oh hey, after 3 years of technical school studying two degree programs related to machining and other tech stuff, and another 7 semesters at college studying similar stuff . .. I learned something here, the chalk trick, I’m going to try that next time I file.
thanks y’all

Viktor says:

Why am I watching this it’s 3am i should sleep

Joni English says:

how about filing curved surfaces

irlrp says:


Fadi Haddad says:

رائع اشكرك على هذا التقديم

Mudsuitable says:

I’ve always used a bar of soap to prevent stuck chips and it works well, Irish Spring to be exact it has a fantastic scent and keeps my files and my shop smelling clean and fresh! Not that I would switch but is there any advantage to using chalk?

phesterful says:

This is a great series. It’s exactly the stuff I would want someone to explain to me in the shop if they showed me how to use a tool I’m not already familiar with.



Protect your DIGITS Creations says:

I remember when I was young in shop class the teacher said "This file is called a Flat Bastard" and the whole class cracked up.
So of course we had to say it over and over again until the teacher stopped us .

Bart Jennings says:

Wire brushes are horrendous for your files. Much better to use a small offcut of brass to clean the teeth because it’s softer

The Whiskey Gunner says:

Chalk?? Where has this tip been my whole life… this is why I’m subbed.

Leigh Christopherson says:

Yeah, that’s not a triangle file, it is a "three square".



Karan Trivedi says:

Your whole table is fucking shaking man.

thomas parson says:

Seriously one of my fav Cloudkicker songs ever!

Алексей Смирнов says:

Ебать,ты умный!

Nazia Ismat says:


Yo ski says:

secrets of the universe here

Saldus says:

sweet thanks!

Bjørnar Haugen says:

I hate having to be subscribed to this channel, just so I can watch all DiResta’s videos…

High Voltage says:

Thumbs up 🙂


w0mbles says:

Am I only the one who likes using the flat side of a half-round, instead of using just a regular flat file?


i was totally first

Summers Woodworking says:

it was very nice to finally see someone properly use a file! The only thing I do differently is use a stiff nylon brush to clean the files with.

Tanzimul Emam says:

thank you, I’m a beginner and this was very helpful.

Ape's metalshop says:

Number 4 should have been the first one. 😀 98% of people ruin the files with the wrong use. Using the chalk was a new one for me! Thanks!