Silver Hair FAQ, Routine & Product Reviews!!

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♡BEAUTY BASICS (more in depth videos):
✓ Eyebrows:

✓ Contouring & Highlighting:

✓ Winged Eyeliner:

✓ False Eyelash Application:

✓ Foundation Routine:



Products Mentioned:
Rusk Bright purple shampoo
Matrix So Silver shampoo
Matrix Hydrating conditioner
Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Mask
It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In + Keratin
Living Proof Satin Hair Serum
Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
Alterna Volume Spray
Shimmer Lights purple shampoo
Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde purple shampoo
Joico Color Balance purple shampoo
Joic Kpak conditioner
It’s A 10 Miracle Silk Express Miracle Silk hair mask
Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

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Heather Jones says:

I love your hair here

jenny koppy says:

Your hair absolutely works with that icy cool-tone. Your roots really aren't too far off from your bleached/toned color. I have hair as dark as lCarli Bybel, and it's now about 85% where yours is- but it's taken years. People with dark hair like mine need to know, they most likely can't just go into the salon and come out with your color. The hair will break. My stylist does a MAJOR heavy highlight, tones it, and I have to use bright purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the brassy tones at bay.

Nilda De La Cruz says:

What is the dry shampoo you talked bout ?

Booeper says:

What do you recommend for pre-dyed hair? I want to dye my hair silver but I'm worried it won't take as I have a lot of build up

kale girl says:

i got my hair done at the salon and i wanted it to turn out light like your hair but she dyed it dark silver!!!! will it lighten by itself?? i don't even want to leave the house.

Wendy Clewley says:

I am obsessed with your silvery hair color!How do you get that,Is it from going platinum & then followed by purple shampoo? <3

Natasha Fournier says:

great video… im always looking for other silver white haird gals to compare notes to… I've been thus colour since last summer,, I've noticed that around my hairline gets really yellow sometimes… nowhere else though. do you find this happens to you?

KaTrina Davis says:

love your bedroom very much and yes your roots look like they match her hair they well I thought you just like that on purpose

Patricia Boyer Rossi says:

Thank you Brianna for all the maintenance tips. It took me almost 3 years to get a silver close to what I was looking for and I don't want to loose it. Your silver white color is gorgeous!!

Amanda Leigh says:

What bleach are you using?

Camren Conner says:

Fanola blonde no yellow shampoo takes the cake!


Honestly Try the One n only Argan shampoo & conditiner from Sally omg the best I have a Balayage was very dry..but know it's so and silky

Elly Luquen says:

Loved this video! Couldn't stop watching you! Xoxo :*

סוזי ג'ראד says:

Hi, can you please tell me which shampoo do you show on the video

Dolores Esparza says:

what color is your eyeshadow?

Cindy Paniagua says:

I just dyed my hair from brown to silver and it's looking a bit gold I know will be a process but I don't want to keep loosing my silver. thank you for the video. I want to make sure I don't make it weak

No One says:

Also, the darkness of purple shampoo does matter. Before using extremely dark purple shampoos, I used to use products like Shimmering Lights. SL silver left, and sometimes promoted, brass. So the darker, and pricier, means it's better.

No One says:

Schwarzkopf BC silver shampoo argent, and normal BC deep conditioner. Walia products are saintly, and work so quickly. I went from brown to silver in 2 sessions. To keep the silver, wash every day with shampoo. Sometimes leave the shampoo in, don't wash out or apply conditioner. Twist into a bun. Leave in for 12-24 hours. Do this for 3-4 days. Rinse out, then wash out with sulfate-free colour protecting shampoo, some more purple, then wash out. If there's still purple, use more sulfate-free shampoo. Then put in deep conditioner, leave in for 30min, rinse out with cold water (some can be left in). Keratine oil, some deep conditioner, towel dry, comb/style, cold blow dry, warm blow dry. Sleep with hair in twisted bun. Price 300 USD via salon. Products 20 USD per bottle. You're welcome.

Sierra Wingerter says:

I know you only reviewed the blonde products from Paul Mitchell which I have never used (My mother did and she wasn't a light blonde or anything and she wasn't a fan either), but I just want to put it out there that their other products are AMAZING. My hair is porous and medium thickness and I love their new Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I just want to recommend trying some of their other products! Don't get discouraged by just one line from Paul Mitchell!

Khaleesi says:

I didn't like the It's a 10 hair mask either! Great video, newly subscribed <3

Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs says:

You REALLY remind me of Barbara-Jean ( Melissa Peterman ) from Reba. Lol She is also funny and pretty! 🙂