Shawn Mendes Watches Fan Covers On YouTube | Glamour

On this episode of “You Sang My Song,” Shawn Mendes watches YouTube fan covers of his songs “In My Blood,” “Treat You Better,” Stitches,” “Lost in Japan,” “Mercy,” and “Holding Me Back.” Fans react to Shawn watching their music. Shawn Mendes’ self-titled album is available now.

Watch the covers here:

In My Blood by Alexandra Porat:
Treat You Better by Lilly Brown:
Stitches by Lisa Bakker:
Lost In Japan by Iris Zhang:
Mercy by Emma Heesters:
There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Amelie Guiboux:

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Shawn Mendes Watches Fan Covers On YouTube | Glamour


Hadiya Dawar says:

The girl who sang mercy is the female version of Charlie a Puth. 6:47

Bryttny Hiser says:

I sing every Shawn mendes song I know once a dy

Katrin Heß says:

Ich liebe Shawn Mendes!!!❤

official idiots says:

why is he laughing is it funny

official idiots says:

Girl: sings great
Shawn: yes
Girl: sings better
Shawn: oh

Reaction 100

Unna Martikainen says:

I would love to send Shawn my cover on snapchat (my snapchat is unnajunna07) because I can't post videos on YouTube 🙁 (because of my mom won't let me do that)

Zoey Marie says:

We neeeeed a twenty one pilots one

Ernesto Barroso says:

Im fan shawn Méndez

Ann liya says:

I love his tattoo

Rebecca C says:

He needs to react to johnny Orlando's music video of on my blood

BAhamaavaliable says:

lily seems to like the 100 the cw dc super heros amazing

P Gar says:

The girl dressed like a men it's horrible

P Gar says:

Why all girls?? What's wrong with us???

Thomas Jansen says:

there are so many dutch people who cover the songs of artists on thes videos

4bunnybabies says:

Awww, in the first one did you see the way he looked at her and said, “wow, she’s awesome.” That was so cute 🥰

Oso Wallman says:

These are great covers! I didn't know about you til Grace Vanderwaal covered you on the Elvis Duran show. Her cover of In My Blood was so elegant and almost haunting. And now I know who you are! Great writing

Kalie Bussey says:

Do harry styles!

Brunno Chaves says:

Algum brasileiro?

Eden Reinders says:

Hes Os Cute!

Era Estrera says:

That moment your crush complimenting you 😂

Borsa Thapa says:

ur so cute….

Genesis Rocha says:

You’re a good person Shane mendes

Sjuul Jansen says:

Whaha on 2:53 you can see The 100 posters and i love that serie sooooo much

sa.d wave.s says:


Fource 1 says:


Ana Luísa says:

BR? Se tiver br's aqui deixa o like

Jasmine Faith says:

Why does he look so unfazed in he first one

Stacey Njuguna says:

I would appreciate if u would do one with ariana grande