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Just as Rolex is the brand everyone knows as the luxury watch to have, Seiko has the same reputation as the affordable, reliable go-to for those shopping on a budget. Very few have heard of Seiko’s big brother, Grand Seiko, and when they do, the inevitable response is one of shock; after all, why would anyone pay ten times the price of a standard Seiko for the addition of the word ‘Grand’?

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Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPB43J1
Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE225J

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RedesCat says:

toyota vs lexus

Phillip Pugh says:

Watching this while wearing my grand Seiko snow flake

NNN PPP says:

I was seeking for a model of GS, no where it was being sold, or it was being sold with exaggerated prices. Then found it in http://www.niceprice.AE which they did not supply to my country. Is there any way to purchase it from uae and forward it to Germany?

Subodh Sharma says:

Excellent channel. One of my friends recommended it and it has been worth it. I wonder if Seiko diver watches have been reviewed as well like the XKX007

DarkPa1adin says:

Because the grand means 1000$

udin737 says:

The more I see a video on Grand Seiko, the more desirable it becomes. I really want that GS with spring drive tech. Those smooth sweeping second hand mesmerises anyone who appreciates such a precision instruments of art.


GS is greatttt

Mick Mick says:

Seiko is casio and casio is Seiko. Overpriced watches that work ok!

nick levi says:

Play 0,25x at 7:027:10 . Video frame movement 😁

Nitin Ramesh says:

Before watching Video > Me : A Seiko? Meh!
After watching Video > Me : I would be proud to wear such a fabulous watch 😲

Npc #57335899 says:

Do Seiko vs psycho watch

saladdogger says:

Something about Japanese style that just doesn’t gel . Have to acknowledge the quality and innovation tho .

Kamaldeep Singh Bedi says:

hello, please review victorinox watches.

JD Frank says:

The grand seiko's second hand is so smoooooth

Jam H says:

My favourite watch GS

Bilal YEDRI says:

We need more videos for “budget” great watches like Seiko Tissot citizen rado and more

T Bayless says:

I have a woman's seiko that is 38 yr's old and still going. all I have done is have the batteries changed.

novawolverine says:

I like Grand Seiko’s, but I wish they made more in the 38-40 mm range.

Sourav Bagchi says:

Apple was not the first. Apple is the last

Andro Zetga says:

please review Orient Star Skeleton DX

Errold Jeremiah Cereno says:

I own the "OG" SARB065. Value for money indeed.

aryan yeoh says:

Cant wait to be able to get myself a spring drive GS

CNN says:

The movement on that Grand Seiko is sick.

zuldo says:

If only it was smaller than 41mm..

madjh says:

And some times Seiko gives a present for his fans like the Cocktail Starlight, a impresive dial that in a siwss brand will cost a lot more. Thank you seiko to give us afordable very good watches and to make the whatch industry competitive.

Mark Michael says:

Seiko made in China . Wow

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Each time I watch this video, my respect for this channel grows.

Sb Sb says:

Hardlex is very very easily scratched. Have to be very careful with Seiko. They always cut corners. And most of their watches can't keep proper time.

Ivan Rodriguez says:

Is a Ball video or Oris video next?

James Miner says:

what a pleasure that was

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