Seiko Is Underrated.

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Should you buy watches based upon resale value?:

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JoeyReid says:

That end credit scene ??

Everyday Tech says:

No..seiko is so overrated that i bought a skx009 ??

Rob K says:

will this fit a 8in wrist?

sp277 says:

Hi, I am a real subscriber 😀

Thank you for your great videos!

Joshua Hicks says:

Russian Trolls 🙂

VB3 says:

Nothing wrong with Seiko but there is tons of mid tier filler in their lineup. For watches go low or go high. Mid tier is usually better off skipped for plenty of good reasons. SKX, Sarb033, Alpinist and maybe a sub $500 Presage.After that, go all the way Snowflake and Spring Drive. Skip everything in between.


You should do more of these “hate comments” I think it’s funny when you make fun of them. You just got one more “fake subscriber”.

the j says:

Wheres PhatCat Collections when you need him!

the j says:

ARmitron is way underrated. So is Timex, oh and so is MVMT!!!! So much better than a rolex.

Christian Gonzalez says:

I agree Seiko is underrated. Their JDM watches especially under the Presage line up are very nice with excellent case finishing, dials (e.g. Urushi, Shippo enamel), etc.. I think Seiko is even more underrated in the US due to the association with quartz and the small US catalog.

exexpat11 says:

Seiko is underrated. They are reliable and somewhat stylish. I think Orient is slightly more stylish and owned by Seiko (albeit with cheap materials – sometimes). They are also accessible outside jewelry stores and high end watch shops. I own watches in the $20 to $250 price range. I am not buying a watch that is $12,000. Buying a watch in the thousands is silly.

Paul Burger says:

Everyone knows Seiko is great value.

Scott Asbjornsen says:

Sieko is very underrated.

Ken H says:

Seiko is the most respected watch company in the world.

Bayu Mukti says:

Yea, i get love at the first sight for that watch.

Ray Seaman says:

Hey, Buddy ! Back OFF FROM MY INVICTA !!! LOL

Shawn Richards says:

Seiko fanboy (SARB035 on now)… but I don't like them cluttering up my dials with "Presage", "Propex", etc… prefer just Seiko. Didn't you do a video saying they need to define those branding categories?

Peter says:

Okay I was just about ready to pass you by watch the first 3 minutes and decided to subscribe you won me over I wasn't sure if you were my kind of crazy

Jason Levine says:

Is it weird that I can’t bring myself to buy a watch with painted blued hands vs heated?

The second I saw that Seiko on IG I wanted it but found a macro shot where the hands are painted rather than heated.

demoneyeslaharl says:

This watch made me sigh when it was first announced. Why? Well, it started out when wanting something like a GS Snowflake. Best option, other than breaking out my inheritance early and suffer for the rest of my life (but hey, at least I got a GS), I searched for options. Then, I found out. SARX055. 1000 USD. I paused and thought to myself… There should be something else coming out that's cheaper right? Maybe cocktail time can come out with….

Oh. The Sakura Fubuki. Meh. Not really what I wanted. Besides, I got Manhattan and Blue Moon already. Maybe something….

Ooh, another snow themed watch, with power indicator! Wait, almost 1.4k? Damn. Oh, wait, another version of the SARX055 is coming out! Steel bracelet? That means it'll be cheaper, right? Wait, new movement? Okay…. Thinner? Hmmm. Wait, almost 2k?

Never mind. Bust my balls, saved up, and got the SARX055. And I love it. Wore it constantly for a month. Loved how the dial would look different in differing light conditions. It could be cold as ice one moment, or calming with a fresh layer of snow in the next.

Then this came out. Snow themed dial? Yes. Cheaper? By half. Blue seconds hand? Yup. Sigh.

Haha In all seriousness, yes, Seiko is underated. Watches are already considered a niche to average people, plus that whole Robert Downey Jr. thing didn't help. However, there is something about seikos that speak to me. Not even orient has that x factor for me.

And I hear ya about the bracelet adjustment. My blue moon has the same. A bit of a nightmare.

Vu Truong says:

Losers that made those comments need to move out of their parents' basement and get laid.

Bimmer Boi says:

Seiko = Toyota

Marc Birdy says:

Seiko is not underrated. It's an aggressive pricing policy to maximize their benefits.
It's a very good brand for quartz watches. But they miss antimagnetics on the mechanical ones, even on Grand Seiko : only 60 Gauss, when Omega offers 15.000.

Andrew Goss says:

Your beard is controversial

Gino Martinez says:

Invicta joke, really. Sounds like you are the watch snob. Invicta wearers love Seiko. Why? Because the inside of our Pro Divers automatic is a Seiko NH35A. You have my respect until that moment.

As for your review. I like the review. I love that watch. I have seen it in person and it is amazing. I purchased the blue one a month before seeing that one. If it wasn’t for that I would have jumped on it.

Keep up the good reviews but don’t become an ass like other watch snob reviewers I have seen.

RC-355/04 says:

Watching this with my SKX007, love the ‘yo mom’ joke ?

Howard Lau says:

When people say Seiko is overrated they seem to lose the plot that

1. Seiko 5s are actually solid, automatic beaters that keep time JUST FINE! Yes, they are mass produced and yes that means duds happen. But as a percentage, duds are incredibly rare. And to that commenter below saying that a chinese auto keeps time better than his 7S movement, I would like some proof.
2. The SKX misalignments are bloody annoying and yes it's not justifiable by any means, but its not a bad watch at all. It's just a matter of whether or not you'd be able to live with it.
3. ALL Seikos punch well above their weight, and of all the automatic seikos I have come across and owned none keep time worse than any ETA that I own or my father own, except for one COSC grade ETA 7753.
4. I am a pilot, and anything within 15s a day is good enough for navigation and timing fuel tank switches, so stop complaining when your watch loses or gains a minute a week which is 8.5 seconds a day, you aren't using a sextant to figure out your latitude while you're adrift. I have a Squale with an ETA elabore movement that does 9 seconds a day at best.
5. Invicta still sucks

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