Secret History Dunkirk The New Evidence

New Evidence disputes the British Army at Dunkirk claims that the British Royal Air Force was not at Dunkirk.


David Boulton says:

At this time Hitler pleaded with Churchill for peace and to join the in the fight against the real foe,(and still is today) Russia,,,,we should have joined Hitler,,✊✊✊🇬🇧

Gerard Vaughan says:

Much like the Israelis with the young Palestinian boys on the Gaza beach – except these boys were playing football.

WOLFROY47 says:

my father was there as a private citizen, using his small boat, to ferry soldiers from the beach to the larger ships. he volunteered. and, it wasn't just british troops being rescued, and my uncle was killed at the battle of arras, he was 19

WOLFROY47 says:

the french are the only ones, that don't send us, a token christmas present, even though we helped them get their country back. they haven't forgotten, previous wars with england

WOLFROY47 says:

belgium wouldn't allow france, to continue the maginot line across its frontier, hitler took full advantage of this, to bypass the french, and reach the coast. so blame the belgians for the cock up

A.F.W. Froschkönig says:

Wrong place and wrong time. Britains weird ways. British troops should have turned into Finland, Estonia and Latvia to defend freedom.
Guess Germany had lost the war in France : Britain would have protected Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland against the pressing Soviets ?

68DBURT says:

They made a mistake was that Hitler took his army to stop at the edge of Dunkirk because he was afraid that he might be out flanked and that is the only reason the miracle of Dunkirk happened

Fernesque Golan says:

Hitler could have demolished all of the troops, but he didn't because he was asking 
for peace and he did not want to cause any more hatred by massacring the trapped
troops. The Brits, French, and Belgians turned a rout into a heroic episode.

During the evacuation, fighting broke out as to which troops would go first.
The Brits held off some of the Belgian troops with guns who complained that 
the Brits and the French made the Belgians go last. Some of the last were captured 
and taken prisoner by the Germans.

salpha09 says:

Always great when you have a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks.unless you were there do not judge who was braver then the other, who defended vs ran away. Better yet hope any of the quarterbacks served and face combat, if not be quiet. We are talking about politics or bad generals, it is about the men. May god have the sole of the lost. Silent respect.

odeus predrinn says:

"Dunkirk" from Christopher Nolan don't show the truth, this is a bad film considering the facts that took place, i do not like miracles and other inaccuracies, not to mention the lies of a British propaganda aiming to come to terms with its historic past and its mistakes, This is not to serve the British youth !! the British say "we grew up with Dunkirk spirit which is this sense of never surrender" and yet it is exactly the first thing the British did in Dunkirk, surrender and give up ! The British also evoke what the British press called in 1940 the miracle of Dunkirk, but at war the miracles are not free, they are always the reward of a sacrifice and this time it was not a British one! Christopher Nolan's film, on the whole of his film, shows us only a small group of French soldiers on a barricade, distraught, and almost hostile … and another French soldier cowardly and fleeing…….we call this British historical propaganda in action. You see i'm historian and i would appreciate that when credit is being taken that credit would be given to the source, and i think it's not worthy of telling the national history like this, twisting the facts, distorting the truth, this is an affront to the British national dignity considering what I will tell you below, which is the truth!

May 1940, the allied armies (French, British and Belgium) were trapped by a pincer movement performed by the Wehrmacht at north of the line Boulogne-Sedan. While French General Weygand was planning counter-attack, Lord Gort (chief of the British forces) decided to withdraw to Dunkirk hoping to sail back to England thus abandoning France to her fate. With bitterness, Weygand finally accepted to cover the British withdrawal named "operation Dynamo" and organized from Dover by Churchill and Admiral Ramsey. From May 24 to May 26, the exhausted Germans stopped their advance, allowing the allies to form a withdrawal corridor, then to organize a defense perimeter around Dunkirk. 400 000 allied soldiers were then encircled by 800 000 germans. The French and British navies gathered together to prepare the evacuation which began on May 27 supported by an armada of "little ships", private boats of all kinds coming from england (519) and France (300) and Netherland (29). May 28, Belgian King Leopold III (chief of the armies) surrendered, a decision highly criticized by the French and the British. On May 29, the germans launched their general offensive on the pocket of Dunkirk. 30 000 French soldiers, from 2500 to 6000 british and 160 000 germans were directly involved in the battle. The French defenses led by General Falgalde and Admiral Abrial held on….but the british lines quickly splited after the first skirmishes. Although the initial order from Dover had planned a total participation to the defense of Dunkirk, one count order said the evacuation was an absolute priority. Only the RAF took part in the defense of the Dunkirk pocket alongside the french airforce. In a talk with Fagalde and Abrial, British General Alexander confirmed that according to the order from Dover he could not engage his troop in the battle….he added that anyway "his men are tired" !….Understanding that the British would not participate in the close defense of the beachhead, Abrial answered to Alexander : "My General, as there's no more way of relying on the english cooperation, the mission which was given to me will be performed by the sole French troops. We, the French are bound by an imperative mission of resisting until death to save as many troops as possible on the beachhead of Dunkirk. As long as this goal is not reached, we'll keep our positions!."….British then withdrew and crammed on the beaches, waiting for their evacuation. Falgade managed to reorganize the defense before the germans taking advantage of the gap created by the British withdrawal. While in the sector of Lille, two hastily reorganized divisions of the 1st French army led by General Molinie held on for four days seven German divisions….among them three elite armoured divisions led by edwin Rommel. From May 28 to May 31, this epic resistance prevented the german reinforcements to advance towards the coast. Churchill wrote in his war memoirs: "this gallant stand helped the beleaguered Anglo-French forces around the port to hold out for an additional two or three days and thus save at least 100 000 more troops". May 30, combats then happened in Dunkirk and its outskirts. The city was under the continous fire of the german artillery and the Luftwaffe. Yet "the french stood their line" american historian Walter Lord pointed out. General Georg Von Küchler, who led the 18th army of the Wehrmacht wrote in his war diary: "Despite our crushing superiority in numbers and materials, the french counter-attack in many places….i don't manage to understand how these soldiers fighting in many places outnumbered one to twenty, still find the strenght to launch any assault, that's astounding, i find again in these French soldiers the same ardour of those of verdun in 1916, we can't penetrate anywhere, and suffer terrifying casualties." Thanks to this great French resistance, the vacuation reached its peak during these dreadful days. On June 2nd, the last British soldiers were evacuated. The same day, General Janssen was killed while leading the French 12th DMI which repelled many german assaults since the Fort of Dunes showing "an extraordinary heroism" an officer of the 56th german Infantery Division said. The french then began withdrawing toward the beaches. The last evacuations under the pression of the Wehrmacht happened in an indescriptible chaos. Falgade, Abrial and Vice Admiral platon were in one of the very last convoys which managed to cross the channel. The last allied ship left Dunkirk on June 4th at 3a.m. and at 10a.m. fightings ended. 35 000 French soldiers who sacrified themselves fighting till the end were captured. Churchill and Ramsey had estimated at the beginninng of Operation Dynamo that a maximum from 30 000 to 40 000 men could be evacuated. It was finally 198 000 men (so almost all the british professional soldiers) who could be sailed to england, among them the future marshals Alexander and Montgomery. 140 000 belgians and french could also be evacuated so in all 338 226 men ! The Royal Navy which evacuated 2/3 of the men, lost 112 ships in the operation, the French Navy lost 123 ships. The british force left behind a huge amount of heavy equipment. 90% of Dunkirk were destroyed, 3 000 dead and over 10 000 wounded were reported among the civilians. In nine days of fightings, the allies lost 18 219 men among them over 16 100 French. Yet, Operation Dynamo was considered as a great victory in Britain. saved from the pocket of Dunkirck, Lieutenant Bourles of the 71st Infantery Regiment spoke about his arrival in England: "Having covered the reembarkation of the British we were considered as heroes, some young Englishmen asked us for an autograph and british officers saluted us with respect." Most French soldiers were sent back to brest and Cherbourg a few hours after their arrival to carry on the battle of France against Germany and Italy. In these violent fightings of May-June 1940, Germany lost 160 000 men (as many as during the Normandy campaign of 1944), 1800 german tanks were destroyed or damaged and the Luftwaffe lost 50% of its strength, consequently, the Reich was very weakened (especially its Airforce) at the time of starting the battle of England. To British General Brooke "it is hard to imagine how britain could have carried on the war without Dunkirk". To Watler Lord, the battle of Dunkirk is a significant turning point of WW2, had Britain been vanquished, Germany would have been able to concentrate all its forces on Russia, Stalingrad and DDay would have never happened so.." . General Heinz Guderian confirmed "Dunkirk was a disaster for Germany", Von Klücher wrote: "Dunkirk is a reverse for us, almost all the British forces and a part of the French army have got away from us because some thousands of brave Frenchmen have blocked our way to the sea…Dunkirk brings me the evidence that the French soldiers is one of the best in the world resisting for ten days to our largely more numerous and powerful forces! The french Army probably saved Great Britain from the defeat, allowing their professional army to reach the english coast"…The following day of Operation Dynamo, british media invented the myth of "Dunkirk spirit" which emphasized the courage of the british in adversity, they also spoke of the "Miracle of Dunkirk". Yet there had been no miracle, only the courage and the great skill in combat of these forgotten French soldiers that Christopher Nolan made disappear !

Michael Butler says:

Hitler's mistake…………………..He could have won the war by attacking and obliterating the English and French armies. Instead he let them escape…………………………….

Phaedra Collins says:

Waste of time video – adds nothing.

JackSpeed 439 says:

What would a ground pounder know about fighter aircraft and their tactics? There was no google and aviation knowledge was not common knowledge. You fight at 20+ thousand feet, the pilots don’t use oxygen masks for nothing. Also how can you say the RAF was absent when the downed pilots are being refused passage. Winging poms at their best.

JackSpeed 439 says:

fluff piece. 14:00 in and nothing new. It would be better to just show me a list of the supposed new stuff. Either way at the end of the day England gambled, lost, had to run and was then saved by the German incompetence. The Germans are the heroes of the story for letting the English go, Oh and the wonderful English abandoned the French soldiers.

Ozdave McGee says:

A bit of paper says the RAF was there. Clearly the aprox 250k evacuated were mistaken about what 5they saw, few RAF planes.

Its kinda like today, being mistaken that certain religions aren't the religion of peace and tolerance.

But, you can bet your ass, the BBC will rewrite histoty, and like the misistry of truth, reeducate you to current government policy

Fastnail says:

The planes were held back on purpose to prepare for imminent invasion.

paul h says:

typical ch4 shit

Jack Harrison says:

I agree that there may not have been any evacuation of any kind, had it not been for the earlier Rear Guard actions and sacrifices that occurred before Dunkirk. Before ranting about things I have no experience of – I would just recommend the book 'Dunkirk' by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore. As for those 100 years ago, I will never forget what they did. One could say the real heroes, were those who stayed behind to fight and hold; or to tend to the wounded and dying.

Gerhardus Van Rooyen says:

Thank you for sharing this video with me and others. Most informative.


What should have…
What could have been done.
What actually happened?
The R.A.F. WAS there. The Spitfire's use at Dunkirk, later helped the R.A.F. air defense during the Blitz.
300,000 were delivered to fight again!


The RAF were there and that has always been known , the troops in and around Dunkirk didn't see them because they were over the hinterland intercepting LW formations en route to Dunkirk, they wouldn't have done much good if they had intercepted bombers over the beaches as many of them would already have dropped their bombs.

One of the main reasons for the German halt was to allow for maintenance of their AFV's and to allow the tails (where the bullets and beans are kept) of the fast moving Panzer divisions to catch up with the head.

Don't forget that many of these German vehicles had fairly recently travelled all the way south into Czechoslovakia and Austria and then east through Poland and now had travelled west through the Low Countries, that's a hell of a lot of miles for a tank.

They also hadn't completed the destruction of the French army yet and they had no way of knowing how that would pan out, the bulk of the French army hadn't even been engaged up until that point and the Germans knew they would have to turn south and as far as they knew maybe even fight the French all the way to the Mediterranean coast.

It was imperative to refit their panzer arm and the British were beaten and had no means of escape anyway, let the Luftwaffe flatten them.

There's no doubt that The Battle of France was a colossal defeat for Britain but it is incredible that so many soldiers were saved from death or captivity and Dunkirk can be seen as a small bright spot upon the towering grey cloud of utter defeat.
There's little doubt that had 200,000 British soldiers representing virtually our entire regular army been captured and used as hostages by Hitler we would have sued for terms before Autumn 1940.

Ara Melkizian says:

The countries involved in these wars are run by cousins. War is a way to kill off population and make money.

blackzed says:

A generation the likes of which we will never see again they must be turning in their grave's to see the country they gave their lives for what it has become I salute every one of them.

Orelli Roger says:

or how to turn a flight into a victory 😉

Mark Lanahan says:

The Middle Class are useless at war and always will be. They can only rewrite history because they are sat in front of the keyboards bullshitting about the heroics of themselves and their effete Upper Class masters while the Working Class do the dying.

Brandon Green says:

From what I understand the Germans halted due to Hitler's "little personal struggle"
with Guderian. Guderian had disobeyed Hitler at several points during the Battle of
France(successfully so) and Hitler was "determined" to show him "Who's Boss" !
In stepped Goering to "save" the day!

fxdx68 says:

if you really are interested by the matter:

Robert Payne says:

Remember that Air power was still in its infancy. The Germans were perfecting using aircraft as ground attack weapon platforms just remember that just 8 years after WW1 in 1926 The US Army court martialed Billy Mitchell for advocating the use of air power.