Schumacher Speedcharge SC 1200A Review – Excellent Schumacher Charger / Maintainer/Tester

Schumacher Speedcharge SC 1200A :


If you are looking for a battery charger, maintainer, or tester, then Schumacher would be the way to go. Reliability and customer satisfaction have always kept as its top most priority. Let us thoroughly review Schumacher SC 1200A 2/8/12 Amp Charger/ Maintainer/ Tester in order to let you make an informed decision.

Schumacher Speedcharge features:

1. 12 Amp battery charger automatically controlled by the microprocessor
2. For charging or maintaining the battery, the amperage rate is automatically adjusted
3. Float mode monitoring built into the charger
4. 6 or 12 Volt batteries are automatically detected with the auto voltage detection.
4. Reverse hook-up protection with LED indicator

Pros & Cons:-

A few of the prominent benefits of Schumacher SC 1200A include a good value for money, efficient charging, fool-proof design and a reasonably flexible nature. However, the instruction manual isn’t as self-explanatory as some would expect. The noisy fan and cheap construction housing may add up to the list of cons. Lastly, the aforementioned Schumacher charger lacks an automatic overcharge protection.

Confidently Buy from Amazon discount link:

Schumacher SC 1200A 2/8/12 Amp Charger/ Maintainer/ Tester is a wise decision for anyone who is looking for a highly versatile battery charger/ maintainer at a reasonably lower price.


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