Scandal! Ep 3343 – 12/7/2019


Gofaone Keipeile says:

Ok, Mthunzi storyline has been dragging for too long its so boring😒even Shado came and left fast fast before she could bore us😳😊


that nurse knows Mthunzi is faking it. she`s part of Mthunzi`s "plan"

Priscilia Fomatati says:

Cought no catch

Juliah Mafoea says:

But kodwa Scandal writers what sin did we commit to deserve endless boring Mthunzi drama ☹️

Zivanayi Mabuto says:

kķkkkķk 😆😆😆 mthunzi ndamuda zvakamufit

Sthandile Mpanza says:

Lol babungema uyayishaya lepart yokudakwa🤣🤣

Bless Fav says:

I wil stop watching scandal until mthunzi has left

sibbs sukue says:

It’s a set up.

Bryn Muza says:

Boniswa and her daughter loves Romeo's room

Kgaogelo Mogano says:

oooh my gosh!! Boniswa in hot water but as always she will get away with murder

Wilo Paul says:

Boniswa is like Annalise Keating from how to get away with murder .. Only that her plans don't go through. Why didn't they use the drugs before today ?

chloe brainah says:

Mthunzi is really starting to bore me

Yolanda Ziduche says:

Romeo u r going to pay for dat slap dat u gve to mthunzi

David tadiwa says:

Mtunzi is playing his cards well 👏👏👏l almost thought Mtunzi was going to tell Boniswa to stop it😅😅


That was the wrong move by mamake…. its just good that she let mthunzi get back and they negotiate terms…..coz they have more dirt on him just like he has some dirt on them. Mthunzi will defintely cooperate and this will settle everything…. atleast for a short while.

Sara Nangolo says:

Quinton just admit she is a winner and charmer 😊

martha nahambo says:

I feel like Boniswa's kids don't give her enough credit for doing what must be done

Twapandula Fiyo-alushe Nghiueuelekwa says:

What is Yvonne trying to come up with 🤔

martha nahambo says:

Quinton, just admit YV is good😏

michelle gamuchirai says:

my last scandal episode….this mthunzi business i cannot anymore…its making sick 🥵🥵🥵

Balbina Bernardo says:

Just why!!!! No… Boniswa, why?
Romeo, yes caught.
This is so bad.

Mubiru Faridah says:

Ismael from Namibia. I greet u bra. As I represent from Uganda…

Monica Muchindu says:

Yhuuu hai mthunzi bathong..ndoyikaaaa

Naughtynotties says:

Q andigura kunorira.

Nais Kaurrai says:

Another boring Mtunzi script to bore us to death again??? Lazy editors!!!

Mr Muno says:

Mtunzi is building up strength on his hand to call TK 😂😂

monalisa mona says:

kkkkkkk ayii Boniswa

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