Saw (2004) KILL COUNT

Saw (2004) KILL COUNT

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Liam Friesen says:

9:30pm: “Alright time to get a goodnight sleep!



2018 jigsaw *Do you want to play fortnite*

EXzach12Zach345 Lol says:

Your so freakin funny bro😂

some guy says:

Jigsaw: Wanna play?
Me: Nah. I played hide and seek with my dad years ago and I still can’t find him

Swaraaj Chadha says:

Game over!

joe cook says:

Nice kill jigsaw, nice kill

AlpacaGacha says:

Yea this is totally for “education purposes” MOM!!!

boobbob 00 says:

Damn tapps, aren’t u getting too old for this shit

Shoe The Squirrel says:

And if Jigsaw had a “Hidden Blade” will he be in a new assassins creed game???

discopasta says:

You know those YouTubers who get things professionally organized? I’d like to see a video where Saw gets professionally organized. Reply if you agree.

Jack Routhan says:

OMG john fucking Cramer 😟

Towne Gaming 2.0 says:

-I just learned how to do this-

jakhep says:

14 years!

Pie Eyez says:

Is it weird that I actually think the pig mask is kinda cute..?

Roldan Richi says:

Jigsaw is assassin’s creed

Dwyane Plays Games says:

Jigsaw:I Wanna Play A Game
Me:No My CellPhone 📱 Is 1% Only
Jigsaw:I Have Charger
Jigsaw:Ok Go Away!!

tHanOs CaR says:

I would honestly prefer to be the killer in these movies…

karah lou says:


xXCJPLAYZXx Oakes says:

Basically watching the movie!

discopasta says:

18:13 tHey fORGOt tO sAy " nO hOmO " it’d be funny if they actually did though. NEW IDEA! Meme-ify this movie 😀

Globalhell says:

SAW: Let’s play a game
Me: Okay let’s play some call of duty
SAW: What is that?
Me: lol you don’t know? oh of course u don’t ur just a stupid doll.

Oscar Becerra says:

Wanna play a game dead meat! I have one your youtube channel will be gone if you don’t make final destination kill count and also hellraiser and do the descent 1and 2

We are Venom says:

Saw is a freakin classic

R4GN4R0K31 says:

(Tapp was added to the kill count)
(Boots up dead by daylight)
(Sees Detective Tapp as a Survivor)
Me: I have to tell MatPat. Oh wait he’d never notice me.

Mason Bowering says:

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooôoooooooooooôw spot the difference

BoBo Games says:


You’re welcome

Cool Gamer20 says:

Woooow this is so violent like if you agree

خالد - Khalid says:

Tapp: Survives a cut in his throat

*Dies to a single bullet*

Castillo Kiddos says:


آيہطہآلہي says:

Jigsaw jigsaw 🙃
Yes papa 🙂
Play a game 🤔
No papa 😶
Telling lies 😐
No papa😓

Blue Bijuu's says:

Assassin’s creed

noahthongsy says:

Don’t think about bring that blueberry pie to me then some allergic to blueberry

Zach Smith says:

I got loses as soon as this started

Renald Music says:

l loved the Lethal Weapon reference "too old for this shit".

NP Panda says:

This one to me is the creepiest out of all of them

william afton says:

I want to play a game

Read more

Savagery Rhys and Ryley says:

It’s checked the kids of the queue count

Boomer gamer says:

I don’t get the movies is it supposed to teach a lesson to the people idk

Leonard S. Erdody says:

Is that Wesley from the princess bride??!!!?

mrpandagetta says:

Fun fact there is a short film before this one in where David who was a janitor like zepp,he was put in the bear trap and it was basically what happened to Amanda in saw l

joy steph says:

i love how funny you are

edgelord 5000 says:


Oscar Becerra says:

Saw 9 the return of jigsaw


SAW is a good movie and imma let you finish. But I’d give the Asian nurse the biggest cream pie OF ALL TIME

Harold Westley says:

Tapp’s death was the scariest because even though it was one bullet it still meant that their one chance of hope was gone as Tapp being the only one that was good and new where they were

Kids do dumb shit says:

Zepp is Ben from *Lost*
And ASIAN guy in 6:59 is Miles from same show as ben

AshPlayZ _YT says:

*people about to die*
James j./dead meat: Can We Play Catan Instead?
Jigsaw: Fine! I wanna play the game.
And that’s the story of how jigsaw got his famous line…
also who in 2018???

Oscar Calvert says:

This dude is so annoying

Thomas Pease says:

I keep rewatching these vids. I love the Saw kill counts the most

WhySoSerious? says:

I haven’t watched saw