Rogan & McKenna go DEEP into Simulation theory

Rogan & McKenna go DEEP into Simulation theory

Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #1133
Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna talk about the possibility of living in a Computer Simulation.


Kyle E says:

Joe “that totally is gonna be a meme” Rogan

JaSean Chopper says:

I think Rick theory is true…Our reality takes place in a battery powering "future" alien technology and eventually we will progress enough to create our own simulation to power our stuff and we’re continually in a loop of advanced races creating more and more "simulations" to power things

Cody Haynes says:


Gina Jarvis says:

Joe "we are a relic" rogan

Elaine Frith says:

I love Joe but he is wrong about the jacket.the media was making fun of her last 2 outfits on that trip so on the 3rd day she wore that jacket….now do u get it joe rogaine lol

Albert Wisenauer says:

Joe Rogan is a piece of shit… Melania Trump barely speaks English?! She speaks English better than you sir. Melania Trump is an immigrant? Conflating! Melania Trump is a legal immigrant you fucking cunt

luke kraschitzer says:

live life to the fullest

Albert Wisenauer says:

Joe looks at a jacket with huge bias… He contradicts himself in one statement… He says what a stupid fucking open ended statement that is …If it’s an open-ended statement it can be both stupid and insanely profound… It all depends on who’s looking at it doesn’t it motherfuker? Joe Rogan loves to smell his own farts to wake up in the morning…. He’s a total bitch

mark p says:

Have you considered the simulation theory? Um yes….

Stef says:

you made it political im not watchin it cya

Chris Wills says:

Rogan is slowly showing himself to be a leftist. What a fucking letdown

The Cake says:

Competition breeds innovation. Even if it’s to our own demise.

Multiverse says:

you know, you know, you know

Mark Sollazzo says:

Has anyone considered the simulation happened before actual life began.

Beeyoi boyoi says:

You: *hates on joe rogan*
also you: ooh , another JRE clip! *click*

Rinse. Repeat.

Travis MacMillan says:

It’s illegal that’s the problem. But there’s a real problem with legal migration. I know someone who went thru it for over a decade. It was insane the hoops you have to jump thru. Luckily he fell in love and married and had a kid. So now he’s legal, but he was basically there ‘illegally’ but in some loophole of the system. It was crazy. And he’s a productive person and means well.

Then there’s the issue of the migration due to real disaster. Natural or political. My gf mom had to seek asylum from Venezuela because her country got fucked. Now, a lot of the people are honestly seeking s safe place to live and raise their family. They will be a productive part of society and provide more tax, etc. it really really hard tho for these people. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Swiss Watson says:

I want a meme of Joe Rogen saying "That’s going to be a meme"

Rick Nof says:

It amazes me that people will believe we are living in a simulation, but many of those same people refuse to believe that God created everything.

Jaime Ares says:

Joe Rogan is fake. He is pretending to be innocent to all of this . Mockery toall you people that play the puppet to his lies .. feeding your minds these bullshit lies ..deception at it’s finest

Brunososilly says:

This is the best reality show

Cosmin Sandu says:

I was born too soon I wanna live in a mass effect universe and have alien Facebook friends and have cyborg legs to jump buildings

AngryBoy says:

When one thing gets to much, reallity tries to kill it. WW3.

Ciprian Amarandei says:

One is talking about technology, psychology of evolution, human race, survival,simulation technology, AI, aliens, deep thinking.. The other: psychedelics, psychedelics. Jessus fuck

Snap Dragon says:

5ive A Day get close to your creator asap please!!!

zee30000 says:


Chaim Rubin says:

Sudely sudely best roommate I ever had we fought like sibling snipe u grew up lil bro big brontop dog mocking down shelf full of Picasso don’t give a fuck sample this kids u ain’t seen nothing yet

Bare Beauty Bodypainting says:

Ghosts are proof of the simulation theory. Whenever you move or delete a computer file but stop the process half way through the file will still exist but will be corrupted. What if this occurs when someone dies prematurely? If we are computer programs, but aren’t supposed to be deleted yet, a "ghost" of our programing is left behind.

Seth Jones says:

People believe in a simulation with no proof but discard flat earth theory lol okay..

Big Tex says:

Listen to any of the McKenna brothers say words ending in TER. They both have very bad deviated septum’s or inflamed nasal turbinates.

Myles Masse says:

Simulation theory makes the most sense for me… All the math deeply engrained into nature… Helps Explains the big bang and the problems surrounding inflation.Simply plugging it in and starting the simulation Explains both.

M. Rees says:

If youd rather be wise then clever, become a Christian. Christianity answers the mysteries of the human soul. Hawking was clever. He wasn’t wise. Same with Dawkins and Darwin.

M. Rees says:

Liberal response to melanias jacket that said really dont care do you- "no sensitivity". Then they endorse slut parties from amber rose along with late term abortion. Yeah there so sensitive 😆 #leftwinghypocrisy

SloanKetter44 says:

3 reasons we live in a simulation:

1. What are the odds the universe started with a Big Bang if cosmic dust and 14.8 Billion years later there’s floating rocks with they’re own gravity, atmosphere, eco system, weather, climate, day and night cycle, force field (magnetic shield that’s protects us from radiation) oceans, seasons etc (basic the perfect possible environment imaginable to host organic life.

2. What are the odds conscious life exists in a universe that’s started with a Big Bang of cosmic dust and 14.8 billions years you have animals, insects, plants to a large extent and even cells to a extent that our sentient. Not only that but those beings have love, hate, anger, greed, fear, sadness, personality’s etc.

3. The “Grand Finale” is a combination of the first two and that is that these meat A.I.’s have the ability to in 300,000 years manipulate there environment to a level so absurd that we’re flying around the world, landing on the moon, quantum mechanics, the atom bomb, CRISPR, computers, internet, and the ability to destroy the entire planet it less then a week. Here the big give away. Of humanity survives 1000 more years we’ll almost for surely have the ability to teleport, harness stars, mine planets, create super intelligent A.I, live forever through medicine and undoubtedly merging with machine,

4. Actually evolution is probably on the biggest pieces of evidence as well given that it’s literally “intelligent design”

5. And actually another reason would be our tiny time frame to innovate in between the the changes of the universe and planets.

By the way the simulation is also a hologram made out of waves of light

By the way I also believe I’ve relatively recently found a glitch in the Matrix

There’s actually a number 6 too and that would be the math, symmetry and geometry of the universe

Douglas Dishroon says:

The fucking jacket had nothing to do with immigration. If the "TWITS" on Twitter shut the fuck up and refrained from making fun of people far grater a person than themselves then this world would be more compassionate.

Shiraz Lampwalla says:

Rohan 100% did some intense psychedelic before this; likely DMT. Not that it’s a bad thing, I actually did it twice for the first time over the last week. But it sucks that we need drugs to reach extraordinarily levels of consciousness. It goes to show rogan is right in that we aren’t Shit and we are just a stepping stone for what our minds potential is meant to become.

Logan says:

Omg I read the title and was like wait…. Joe has a podcast with Terrence Mckenna!?!? I almost shit myself. Then I was flooded with sadness once I realized it wasnt.. oh well

user sevenfouronezerotwone says:

how tf does joe keep himself in shape im 21 yrs old and this guy looks better than me you needa share ur secrets you freak $!#!#

Jordan Matthews says:

If this is a simulation, why do we feel pain? Why do we have emotions? Why do our bodies wither and decay over time?
Why do we even die?
If this is a simulation, shouldn’t it last forever?

Tracker Buckmann says:

Joe needs Tom Campbell on the podcast to discuss this.

mark p says:

Consider the madness worse than ever the thinking monkey is on its way out… Maybe we will wind up where were just susposta be… Just wherever just wherever….💟

jason nuch says:

How do you not get it she’s a legal immigrant legal being the keyword

this_is_me 1 says:

If we advance enough to make a simulation indestinctual from reality, it could be a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation…………………

Zachary Maser says:

Joe Rogan, you are becoming a liberal bitch. Melenia Trump is a legal immigrant, border babies are illegal immigrants. Learn the difference.

Callum Gray says:

Joe get me on the show with a couple of blunts, ill talk about this til the cows come home

Iain Delacroix says:

She is an immigrant so we should open the gates and let them all in- fuck sake Joe , duuuhhhhhhh !

Adam High says:

Dr. Ian Malcolm:
Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Jurrasic Park (1993).

These ideas are not as original as people would have you think.

ry Wise says:

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Drew Maw says:

The irony of this guy commenting on the state of how “crazy things are” yet he’s literally spreading lies [about the jacket], classic psychopathic leftist.

Austin Griner says:

So imagine this:
Time is a dimension in space-time (the same way that left, down, and back are). In much the same way that we are constantly moving "down" toward the Earth, we also move "ahead" toward the future. Perhaps time is not moving forward on its own, but instead we are within time being pulled toward an object in the "future". Perhaps in order to "time travel" we must push away from this object in much the same way that rockets push against the Earth.

Or not.