Replacing Trailing Arm Bushings on a Honda [No Special Tool!]

Replacing Trailing Arm Bushings on a Honda [No Special Tool!]

In this video I demonstrate how to replace trailing arm bushings on a Honda. The book requires a special tool, but you don’t need it!

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who JahBless says:

There’s Auto zone tool rental hour of hammering what an idiot
He took a shortcut by not removing the bolts on the suspension cause he had some hammering to for an hour what an idiot. Wonder if he didn’t throw off his rear alignment that bushing goes at a certain distance Make sure you measure..

rzr killer i wish i were a honda says:

I just use a air hammer with a round flat bit an they come flying out lol faster than you could hook up that special tool

Jon Lewis says:

Great job

MartinHunter Nemisis says:

as with all jobs so much easier with air tools… it’s​ even easier if you use an energy suspension #161706 bushing.

angelisone says:

I had a little harder taking two out on a Ferrari.

ATG suggests for me to PCV Drain Stop with a 1/4 steel plate placed on back of PCV Drain Stop.
And with a heavy hammer I was able to knock them out without a scratch on frames.

Mine letting us know the torque numbers on all those bolts/nut?
This in case I work on one of this model (what year/model of this?).

Thank you for sharing us your tips.

Yassine Belayach says:

clean job

Aspie Raven says:



Did you know or do you know now that the bushing is wider on the OUTSIDE (wheel side) part of the bushing? The reason why it took you forever to remove it is, you were forcing the bushing to pass through an opening that was designed to prevent the bushing from what you were trying to do, pass through the other side. You are supposed to whack that bushing from the inside out for removal and outside in when installing…

Dc2 says:

Even with the xtractor tool, it took me about 10-15 mins of ratcheting to press out the bushings. then i broke my friggin special tool! plan on spending a few hours doing this job

S13x Gaming says:

lol, tryed hammering the ones on my car , and they keps falling off, i ended up using 2, 4 inch C-clamps to start it up till aout 25 pct, after that , just hammer till its flush

Mikhail Kolitwenzew says:

How about this, just fill them with urethene or window weld. The broken ones i mean.

Specialized 29er says:

Mate poor ratchet extension.

Durable Coatings Seminole says:

You do realize that the trailing arm bushings, and the associated mounting area are tapered? You were forcing it to go through the wrong way, trust me they come out a LOT easier if you go the other way.

Boosted Jeep says:

have you tried doing this using an air hammer?

gabriel stutz says:

hello bro, first of all sorry about my english, if a say something whrong because im brazilian. So, I also changed my trailing arm bushings like you, but it didn’t fixed well, I mean, the bushings got in with low pressure, like in your video, so then wuen I drive the car, this trailing arm starts to move on the bushing lateraly on the bushing sometimes, did it happend to you? if yes, how did you solved that? I temporarily made a "point" of welding to hug in in place, but didn’t like that solution. Thanks, and nice video !

Mikey Webb says:

No press or special tool needed, just get a big hammer and whack the MF

Nour Eddine says:


Paul Dahlke says:

I have done that many of times with bushings(it works) But i bought the expensive tool (Snap on) Good job.

Thaddeus Swenson says:

Hey man, just wanted to say thank you for giving me the idea of how to replace these. But if you take the whole trailer arm off and beat it from the inside out it comes out in a few hits! I used 3 pieces of 2×4 to set the trailing arm on and a hammer. It popped out in a couple hits!

Alan Osborne says:

You might want to invest in a brass drift punch or some square steel stock instead of tearing up a good extension.

mudassar ayub says:

U make it look easy

ash7990 says:

Exactly the same as some Rover models here in the UK and Europe. Even the same part. Thought they had a taper though?


Can this be done to a 2012 Civic lx sedan and where would you get the bushing kit?

Diego Mendoza says:

nice video… thks broo

DjAhpah says:

If only you just hit it from the other side

Taurus Power says:

стойку притянул на взвешенном колесе без нагрузки – нельзя так делать.
затягивать детали подвески в рабочем положении – без домкрата.

Tom Nicholls says:

You can also use a muffler gun or air hammer with a blunt punch chisel if you have a air compressor! takes about 30 seconds!!

Mohd Helmi says:

It sounds like music. I enjoy it. Good effort. Thanks

Aaron ___ says:

Hey thanks for the video Matt. I did this on a CRV and the biggest problems I worked around were; stuck lower control arm bolt, and rust. I used map gas and PB Blaster to break the rust. The lower control arm on the passengers side remains stuck so I simply twisted things to replace the bushing. However, you may have difficultly bolting the upper control arm back on.
Also, be sure not to pull apart your CV axles.
And I do not reccommend the Dorman quick press part, unless you get two made of rubber. I received one made from urethane or hard plastic and it could not be pressed in (even with a press).
Thanks again.

thewilster1000 says:

Good job… matts… going to take the the better halfs out in a week or so and replace… 2009 dodge caliber… I think I’ll take the reciprocating saw and cut the top and bottom without going through.. Did that with the rear bushing for the front control arm. Came out fairly easy…. You save a lot of money

Mary Kay Wieler says:

I’m always amazed watching these videos on how clean the bottom the of the cars are. I live in northern New England and usually most of the effort in any car repair work here is fighting with rusty bolts; sometimes they even break off (which becomes a huge time-sink to drill them out). Where do you live that is a cold climate (I can see your breath) and you have so little rust on the bottom of your car?

CivicNigga says:

Oh wait, I watched again… You must the Bush ganging from in to out!!!

Fish5919 says:

Thank you for this very effective video.


I did it your way and it worked out fine. Other youtubers use the $300+ tool !! Thanks👍

Chad Charbonneau says:

2 words…torque wrench lol

The Punisher says:

Use an impact extension

Gene Friedman says:

Wtf how do people drive that tears up the bushings. My accord has 200k miles and the bushings are fine. Prolly good fir another 15 years.


Can this be done to a 2012 Civic lx sedan and where would you get the bushing kit?

IdealSound & Performance : Mobile says:

Thanks for the tip. Hammered mine out in like 5 blows each side (arms off car)

Kid Quick says:

looks like you need to replace that wheel bearing too. nice job on other parts, torque wrench might be better tho, less chance of stripping out threads

david Daniels says:

Hit it with your purse

Asafo Yerodin says:

what supported your control arm while you were wolly whomping it with the hammer? Like what stopped it from just flopping back and forth while you were hitting it?


Use the old bushing shell to tap the new one in, especially if it’s aftermarket because metal is much softer.


Great video👍🏽thanks

Any Length says:

Thank you for a great instruction video. Very clear and precise. Also thank you for not putting loud music on top. A lot of other videos are unwatchable because of loud music. So very glad you didn’t put any music on. Must be cold at your place. I could see your breath cloud coming out.

ughmas says:

Thanks for the video, I just successfully hammered out the bushing on my 98 civic. Just as a note for anyone’s’ who is reaaaallyy stuck in there and rusty (took me 4 hours of hammering, whole center part disintegrated and just the outer ring was stuck) do yourself a favor and go pick up a 2 and 1/2" spline socket from the local parts store for about 15 bucks, it matches up to the size of the outer ring, just hammer it out directly with that and it works great.

oopalonga says:

i paid $500 to have this done on both rear sides. Ok price or?

pellergin says:

Trailing arm hole is tappered. Wise to hammer it out from the inside while underneath the car.

pellergin says:

You video camera is too close to the object, making it near impossible for the viewer to determine the location of the bolts. Thanks for the video though.

JDM Cars - LT says:

I know many years ago people were removing smaller rubber bushings by burning them with fire. Perhaps this method would work on this one also. I dont know