Real Talk & How I lace My Concord Air Jordan 11s

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How The Beef with dee & Unbreakable kicks effects us all
& how i lace my Air jordan 11 concords Where is yor father style!

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Real Talk on DamnDee vs Unbreakable Kicks & How I lace My Concord Air Jordan 11s supreme foamer simpson


Cactus Jack says:

Stay up bro! Better days are ahead for ALL of us! #Mob

John Herron says:

My fiancé bought me a pair for Christmas and my pair look like yours with the white bumps on the bottom white part of the shoe. She bought mine from DTLR. I guess it's just quality control issue.

Malik Inabinette says:

Lol mine came with the bow tie

aboubakar toure says:

His accent 😂😂😂

Darianna Reina says:

Lmaoo I like this guy he’s funny😂😂

noel johnnson says:

When ya views match ya subscribers

Nick B says:

Smoke more weed cuz… I promise it’ll help u more than it’ll hurt u big homie.. Stay up!!! 💯💯💯

Jaxson Bourke says:

How do you made your Jordan 18s

It'sAnthony 9893 says:

This dead ass the most underrated youtuber

Mark Esco says:

I thought somebody tried mine on with them bow ties! Didn’t kno they all came like that. Good looking out. I’m cool now that I know that they fresh out the box.

__ Khailhitemup says:

I can’t do that shit

Thanos Hand says:

It's a lot clout chasing niggas making videos now.

Mr. Skinny says:

🙏🏾 🏆