Q Timex – The Watch That Broke The Internet

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After a 4 month wait Timex released another batch of the Q Timex watch, a re-issue of their 1979 diver inspired Q Timex original.
like its 70s predecessor it has kept its woven steel bracelet, battery hatch, rotating bezel and lume, it has however had an upgrade on the quartz movement.

Needless to say this watch has been a phenomenal success and selling like hot cakes, so much so that the Timex website couldn’t cope with demand, this didn’t stop the watches from selling out within the hour.

Then Timex did a double whammy by releasing another batch within days, that’s 3 releases in 4 months all sold out. Fear not… if you’re after this watch there’s a good chance you wont have to wait long before it’s back in stock.

This is my quick unboxing and initial thoughts before a planned review in a few weeks… enjoy.

If you have any questions be sure to drop me a comment and I will do my best to get you an answer.

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johnnyjohnny says:

quite droll. und i luv thee akcent. wud come back fur thaht alown. (seriously). nice reviews. saw this on another few reviews and the seconds hand didn't line up with the second markers. yours did, congrats. you'd think for $180timex could do that.

Stuart Ross says:

Great video's, your reviews are brilliant, keep it up and do more 🙂

Stephen Weiler says:

I mean it looks cool but I dont see why everyone is so into it. Maybe its s generational thing

Trident Thrishul says:

Looks old though

Joe T. Plumber says:

The blue Alpinist is a joke in my humble opinion. I’ll keep my SARB017 and wait until my Alpinist grows in value. Thank you.

Frank Dietrich says:

I had the original years ago, and the escapement wheel had electromagnets that regulated the movement. I don't think the movement on your watch is the same.

MisterRuggles says:

terrible video by a total nerd. no internet crashed. talk about clickbait bullshit.

TheDubaiExpat says:

Schönes Video, verstehe aber den Hype um diese Uhr nicht.

Jay Muller says:

I had my Timex watch 6 months and the second hand fell off. I got in touch with Timex they wanted me to pay shipping both ways and for a repair. They are junk

Erik S says:

Yay! Lets overpay for a 1 dollar chinese watch!
It has all features that a normal watch collector detests. So why all of a sudden like it?
It looks like a piece of junk. Sorry to say.
Your first impression agrees with what I think 2:25: “worthless”

Jack Tyler says:

Bought mine the other week. Been wearing it instead of my Santos. It’s been a refreshing change, although for £160 it’s definitely overpriced. It’s a great design though and I’m enjoying having something a little lighter/less pricey on the wrist. Also still waiting for a Marlin Snoopy 🙂

obwanusa says:

Sorry, but this is an overpriced poor quality watch.

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