Product Review: Cisno Portable Nespresso Maker

This review is mostly a little bit of fun, but if you do want one then here is the code:

The 20% off code #CUISTO20 both used at Amazon( and their website (

We’ll see who watches these things to the end…


Altijd Wel Wat says:

Uh huh huh hu… He said: "What else"!
– Yeah, mhhmhh yeah he he.
(Beavis & Butt-head on pods)

hillbillywine101 says:

I quess if your camping, where else would you not be able to get a cup?

Michael Ball says:

Have you done a review of the Colonna pods? I got a sample set of theirs once and I really enjoyed it.

Scheefinator says:

Nifty little ditty.

Craving Morehead says:

YOOO James you a fuuny dude…."wake up with a little bit of george clooney"!!!! i fucks with your video…… Salute OG!!

Alex Huang says:

I don't think it's a good design. You cannot clean the brewer inside so if you brew more , the taste will be bitter

TheHighpotinuse says:

I must say that I was a little worried when you brewed directly into the cup, but I am glad you were cautious enough to wear eye protection.

Carlos Bornes says:

Make a video about your thoughts on capsules in general

Martin Cairns says:

I always enjoy these editions of Bushtucker Trials: Coffee Edition. I'm not sure if James would prefer coffee flavoured roasted bugs than Nespresso.

Tilman Baumann says:

So how is it handling non-clooney pods?
And how terrible is the internal heater?

Tilman Baumann says:

So funny to watch you trying hard not to urn this into a Nespresso review.

Jonas Campos says:

Love the style off the review James!

Colin Tindle says:

Thanks for another great review James. Did you ever try it with a Colonna pod?

Francesco Napoli says:

Has anyone ever tried making coffee with a big medical syringe? Sounds dangerous but I want to try it…