PowerWatch 2 from Matrix – CES 2019

PowerWatch 2 from Matrix – CES 2019
The Powerwatch 2 from Matrix Industries is a solar powered and heat / thermal powered gps watch with a built in heart rate sensor, and you never need to charge it!

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Latif Gala says:

its already June, I thought by know, we would have seen some unboxing and reviews as with any new product launch. I am a bit worried as this may indicate delay in production/shipping the new PW2 product.

MrXHeiko says:

I wait for my. Only 1 Month to wait…

Catalyst - D B says:

Same water resistance as Invicta Scuba Diving Watches. I use them on my voyages. This watch has the same depth rating. I think I will use it as replacement for my Invicta watches.

Abhishek Tirkey says:

Does this watch have the calling feature

Section 26 says:

Does anyone know if the PowerWatch 2 will be able to display location as a 10 digit grid?

Operator Delta18 says:

I wouldn't buy this watch. First couple attempts at smart watches by Matrix were complete trash – notifications, GPS, HR sensor never worked. Read the product reviews on the first couple watches they made. Cool they're trying to improve but they have an absolutely terrible track record so I'm expecting this watch, also, to be complete trash. Watches do not work with Apple at all. Heads up, apple users.

Kay Choudri says:

Well that was easy decision.. NOT TO BUY THIS CRAP

Martí Abril Montiel says:

Is it water resistant?

RUS says:

Now that's innovation!

G A says:

I have the first generation Powerwatch X. i do not recommend buying the watch at all too.. it is not usefull. dont carry on arm for outside. this is only weight, not watch.

Jacob Bondt says:

People do not waste you’re money on this totally junk ,warning if you buy it you will be very sorry!

dyan cipta says:

Is it support cycling activities? Can I push it to Strava?

Ionel Floria says:

No more power cords or chargers….or …EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE WIRELESS CHARGING DEVICES ….!!!!!!

Norbi Gőcze says:

How's that charge 3 review going? 😀

Mathias Rhein says:

I was absolutely excited about the announcement. Even if this is a huge piece of watch on the wrist, heart rate readings will be only for steady state and the GPS is only lasting for a hour until „recharge“, the idea to just never again charge my watch is absolutely fascinating. I still have one of those old Casio Pro Trek watches lying somewhere which had solar panels as well and it‘s something I‘d love to support on the way to making this reality. While I agree with all the warnings you issued, I am backing this project. The company successfully produced two generations of the Powerwatch2, so they’re pretty likely to finalize this one as well. I go with DCR‘s verdict: use money you‘re willing to lose and expect delays. This one is totally worth it.

Marc Z says:

While i do appreciate innovations such as this one, i do not recommend buying the watch at all!
I have the first generation Powerwatch X and i must say – I'm extremely disappointed with it! The only thing its good at is telling the time. That's all!
The whole sleep/calories/steps tracking system is a complete JOKE!! Nothing is accurate about it.

I don't recommend buying it, because they have just released a new watch without even trying to fix the issues of their previous model (and I'm sure alot of features can be fixed through software updates).
Just check their app rating on Google play and IOS before buying. It will tell you all about this company.

That being said, i just hope other respectable companies integrate these innovations in their products 🙂

Ильин Владимир says:

I ordered and received the first version. Not completely satisfied. The application is unfinished, notifications come but all are indicated by one icon and it is not clear from which application. I use it since November 2018, I really charged only once for verification. With an incoming call with the support of the Russian language, the watch does not write the phone number but abracadabra.

Active Guru says:

Wooooahhhh! Never charge again? 👍🏼👍🏼

Cool Squad says:

Damm I waish that apple watch do that in a few years because if the apple watch does it I think the gps will work and heart rate sensor will work I think but this watch that was on the video is the first to have a solor gps watch

sm753 says:

Since they're marketing this toward the fitness crowd…I really wonder how good the HR sensor is. If I can get "reasonably" accurate HR readings on a device I never have to take off a charge…I'm sold.

dobermansnp says:

Great vid! Seems to be an interesting equipment. Keep it up man!

John Manley says:

I want to like this, but I’m a bit wary of Indigogo campaigns. I ordered the first version of the Watch. But, they had so many delays, I ended up canceling my order.

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