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Pope Declares God is Lucifer ~ Full Version

Cannot get any clearer than this…


aplanetruth.info says:

Does not get any clearer than this, folks

Lyka Brown says:

Part of the deceptions.. Jesus Christ is fake….. Your saviour doesn't exist….

Vesica Pisces says:

Wake up Catholics. Do not be the partaker of their sins…

Case Dismissed Guaranteed says:

Oy VEY! CON-fused "Catholics?" See VATICAN CATHOLIC CHANNEL to learn what happened to the ONE True Faith.

Case Dismissed Guaranteed says:

While it is true that alleged "Pope" Francis is a MANIFEST MODERNIST PUBLIC HERETIC who opposes the One True Faith of Catholicism (as predicted and taught by the True Church) This does NOT in any way oppose the ONE TRUE FAITH. Care to debate Us? Contact the Saint Francis-co office of http://www.CaseDismissedGuranteed.com

John Brown says:


jnprfilms says:

The maity Fader have mercy on there sol

eyeOOsee says:

There you have it! From the horses mouth! starting at 03:06

jnprfilms says:



I had not seen this! Thanks for sharing brother. GOD bless

Clark _Elite says:

Jesuits is a group of Catholics who's only goal was to get into Churches and lead them into believing they were Catholics.. that's why the Protestants finally forgave them and now think their Catholic.. so a Jesuit is just another name for an evil Catholic..

The Bicycle Chronicles says:

Who cares what the Pope declares.Newsflash for all the catholics out there.Faith was never meant to fascism.One man's faith is his own or nothing.With all their hierarchy and all their bureaucracy the catholic church is certainly the perpetrator of the false teaching and the creator of the Great Delusion all in the service to their master of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Byzantium who created the Vatican as they were the Latin teacher to the Caesar Constantine the Greatly Deluded.Instead of giving up the house the rich man built it bigger and gilded it with gold and declared himself holy,but in reality he is just a holy blasphemer of true good.

Tyler Woodard says:

That cover frame is sign language for "I love you"
No thumb = satans horns
see Ozzy or like rockers
Thumb out = i love you
Pulling that frame as a cover undermines your whole argument's credibility

analiensaturnchannel says:

Learn Latin.
Flammas eius lĂșcifer matutĂ­nus invĂ©niat:
ille, inquam, lĂșcifer, qui nescit occĂĄsum.
Christus FĂ­lius tuus,
qui, regrĂ©ssus ab Ă­nferis, humĂĄno gĂ©neri serĂ©nus illĂșxit,
et vivit et regnat in sĂŠcula sĂŠculĂłrum.
“Lucifer” literally means “light-bearer” (lux is “light,” from fiat lux, “let there be light”) and it was the term used for the morning star.


religion is a made up concept to control the masses and to give people something to believe in when they have no hope for themselves its a money maker and a bunch of lies made up from other cults that have been on the planet from time to time throughout life all catholic priests in my view no of a nonce within the "church" but they say three hail Marys and all that kind of shit to justify what they do and that is suppose too make it better what about the thousands of lives that have been shattered through out time all this should be brought out into the pen and these horrible bastards should go to prison the Jesuit's be nature are all blagging ,sex molesters, Satan loving nonce's why do they still get away with the things they have done and are still doing from day to day week to week year to year and these things wont stop until the "church" is routed and all the crimes brought to the notice of the general public as there getting away with horrible crimes against the smallest people in society our children and they have been doing this forever the church is a bad place full of deceit and horrible twats the most corrupt place on the planet is the Vatican city with so-called Nazi-gold

A Lee says:

The word from the Latin Vulgate, which translated Ś”Ö”Ś™ŚœÖ”Śœ by the Latin word lucifer (uncapitalized), meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing". If you are to believe your bible read –REVELATIONS –16 – "I am the root and the offspring of David, AND THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR " The Pope is not wrong according to the Bible. A little knowlege is a dangerous thing. Research and learn !

Jack Links says:

Stop the Lying Nonsense lady if that's what you are

Jack Links says:

Jealousy is behind theese statements very few are true

Jack Links says:

All nonsense

Jack Links says:

There is no such thing as Lucifer firstly ,secondly Christmas is sometimes referred to as the morning star ….Lucifer is literally venus

Jack Links says:

How many people ,children has your supposed God Killed …? Are you sure he is who you think he is…?

Jack Links says:

Well there's a possibility he may be right, if you read gnostic and older Summarian tales

Jord Flor says:

The Manisis Chronicles.

Ryan Roberts says:

Give me a pint of Bacardi 151 and 2 hours with the pope and I'll get to the bottom of things. For real!

Written Dreams says:

they keep taking down your latest video! I didn't even get to watch it

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