Polar Vantage V and Polar Vantage M REVIEW

The Polar Vantage V and Polar Vantage M are the latest releases from Polar. With built in heart rate tracking, GPS, and robust build quality, I break down why I still think this is not a watch you should buy.

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MyMd1111 says:

Did you compare the optical sensor from Apple Watch 4 to the Vantage optical???

Bruno says:

I bought a Polar Vantage M despite your review. I've been using it, daily, since April, and my experience is far from your impressions. When I need some more accuracy, I wear a H10 strap to help the wrist heart sensor builds data. Even when I coupled them together, the difference between them is really tiny, with the wrist sensor tendency to understimate heart beats. In the dry enviroment the watch can hand I awesome result by itself. My sleeping data is far more detailed than I really need, so the lack of updates for 2-3 years does not bothered me at all. One other thing that I really enjoyed it's the look of the watch, because I work wearing a suit and other brands scream "sports" and look dorky if you wear them when you are far from T-shirt and snickers. Overall, a great buy, IMHO. The bang for the buck is better than garmin and suunto as well, specially if the cupon discounts is taken in concern.

Yahya Aj says:

It's just plain sad of how underrated your channel is man. You provide quality content. Been a sub for 2 years now and just want to say thanks brother!

Yeah i was hoping to get that polar, guess I'm going for the fenix

L noialb says:

I want to know , Have a compass and temp ?

Visionauts 89 says:

You know what's really weird? I bought the Vantage M and a H10 strap (because the optical HR is never as good as a strap). Then I linked my old polar M400 and new Vantage M to the H10 strap…results…The M400 is reacting much faster to HR changes. The Vantage M is way of! I don't understand why there are so much differences even when you use a h10 strap…Someone can help me?

AliReza Emami says:

This video is really true, i have a vantage v and its not accurate in strength training or anything that push your heart rate up too fast. Its just good for daily heart rate if u want to buy it you have to buy chest belt for sure. But its a good looking watch.
This review its the only honest review that i ever see for this watch.
Thx alot

kostashow says:

Apparently Garmin fanboys are like Apple/Android fanboys.
Smart devices, are getting updates. If you want to review the early release of a gadget, then you must change your profession!
The Polar Flow app, is 1000 times better than Garmin's and the HR technology of Polar is waaay better than garmin's.
Update your device and then make a new review. This video is embarrassing !!!!
( I always see and like your reviews but this was unacceptable!!!!)

Bruce Balestier says:

Thank you I'm sending the V back tomorrow, did not like it it's like the first time I learned MIDI…

chargers55vn says:

No optical reader is as accurate as a cheststrap. Are you a Garmin FANBOY ? I own a Fenix 5 and a Vantage V . I prefer the Vantage. Your review bites.

Bruce Balestier says:

Comparing the Vantage V to Apple watch for Cycling, witch would you recomend? Thank you for your support…

Alex Laugksch says:

What you need to remember is that this is a triathlon watch. That is what it is intended to be used to train for. Not hiking or strength training

Luke G says:

Brah, don't pretend to be a YouTuber. Too toxic. Go back to being a 12 year old.

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