Poirot : Murder on the Orient Express ( David Suchet, Eileen Atkins, Brian J. Smith)

The novel has been adapted for a television film, part of Agatha Christie’s Poirot with David Suchet. The release date is July 11th, 2010. The cast comprises Eileen Atkins as Princess Dragomiroff, Barbara Hershey as Mrs Hubbard, Toby Jones as Samuel Ratchett, Elena Satine as Countess Andrenyi, Brian J. Smith as Hector MacQueen, David Morrissey as Colonel Arbuthnot, Jessica Chastain as Mary Debenham, Denis Menochet as Pierre Michel, among others. Part of the filming included Malta standing in for Istanbul. Philip Martin directs this installment, with the screenplay being written by Stewart Harcourt (who also wrote the screenplay for The Clocks).


First Name Last Name says:

Can anyone tell me what the song in the first 18 seconds is

ati nabah says:

David Suchet is a very good actor and the best Hercule Poirot

Andrius Kryžiokas says:

The best version ever made.
Anyone knows the songs of the trailer?

TheDoodlingGirl says:

Truly the best version of Murder on the Orient Express, nothing can outdo this episode. David Suchet did an incredible job!!


NOTE: To everyone: David Suchet is Hercule Poirot. ONLY Watch the 2010 version of Murder On The Orient Express. It is the BEST made production to date.

2010Wilde says:

The trailer was the only best bit of the episode. The entire adaptation itself was a massive insult to the fans of both the series and the works of Agatha Christie!! The Albert Finney version will always be the definitive adaptation. And Branagh's version wasn't too bad either: In that version, the ending actually made me cry.

Solemn Solace says:

Look forward to the movie adaptation to this story coming soon. But even more impressive is this vid was posted in 2010 and it is now 2017 it has 80 thousand views and no dislikes I'm impressed

il meglio del cinema says:

David suchet is the best let's hope for the remake i have food feelings the cast is amazing and Branagh is a great actor and director

Thomas Goodall says:

When you see this version in comparison to the awful new one coming out this year you remember how perfect Suchet is

Ricardo Cantoral says:

A lousy adaptation of a great Christie novel. Poirot is out of character.

SHAdaKID says:

The great David Suchet at his finest.

Julian Prasaja says:

They changed it into a dark-religious thriller. Wow. Does the novel include a lot of praying? It's a good movie, but I think they inject a lot of religious themes here. Kinda dampens the actual story though. Also makes the Ratchett character less hated by having him talking about penance and praying. Should've stick to the original, I say.

johnbrown 60 says:

what is the fucking point of loading a clip. Waste of effort!!!!!!

andy masters says:

One of those B or c grade actors includes Jessica Chastain who has received oscar nominations this year and last year.

Raindogs111 says:

HErrrrrr-Cyuuuulllll FTW!!!!!!!

Adora Belle says:

I have no words to express how I feel right now ! I just watched the episode and all I can say would be so bland compared to what I felt while I was watching David Suchet acting with such elegance and such a finesse. This man is Hercule Poirot. He is not just an actor. He is the character. The man I tried to imagine when i was a little girl and that I was reading agatha christie's Murder on the Orient Express trying to figured out the man and now it's possible thank to David Suchet <3

marieke pol says:

this is i think one of the greatest agatha christie movie!!!
david suchet is my heroo!!!

JohnnyBlowstar says:

newspaper headline can't spell 'Kidnapped' 🙂

Suchet gives his usual high standard performance but apart from Eileen Atkins this looks very under-cast, and cynically so for the widest possible international distribution. With the obvious particiation of VSOE (the luxury train company) it's obviously an extended advert. Naff.

1RoyalTouch says:

Amazing! Just simple AMAZING!!!!

1laughinggravy says:

In my opinion, this is the BEST adaptation of "Murder on the Orient Express" that has been produced. David Suchet IS, in my mind's eye, Hercule Poirot, and he delivers a marvelous rendition of having his own iron-clad moral belief system shaken, when he has to choose between it, and the terrible truth of justice denied.

Bobby Harvey Video Productions says:

I watched this last Sunday on IPTV, it was VERY good, although quite scary!! David Suchet did a great job as Poirot.

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