pimple popper product review

Watch my BIG announcement here: https://youtu.be/6P8SGHIoYv8

Getting stressed from work? Finals? The Avengers? BOYS?!?! WELL, have I found the stress reliever for you – I saw an ad for the “Pop it Pal” and knew that it’d be a worthy investment, so I thought I’d try it out … and take YOU along for the journey. Get ready, see if you can watch the full thing without gagging and comment below your worst pimple experience!

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Cameron Gearhart says:

bitch i love THIS

Sarah Cruz says:

I once blistered myself with my thumbs trying to remove blackheads

ShanePreston says:

"Peemple puwth"

Valeria Sousa says:

its sad how low his views are
hope shane helps him

Riley Christine 23 says:

"What else are you gonna buy for $20" me: a video message from Nikki Blonsky duh..

Andrew Holmes says:

I haven’t watched Tyler in a while so I was like hey let’s see what he’s up to and it’s just… this.

Slightly Annoying Pterodactyl says:

this is my first ever Tyler vid

this is the most relatble thing on the Internet

beggo says:

first of all, i love ur laugh, second, ur personality is fire

Bengisu Bilge Soylu says:

Oh i was too imagining about all the pimples poping in the same time

Luchieny Sandoval says:

Popping pimples is the best

Makenzie Anne says:

you are SUCH a little gnome boy

Iskander Krida says:

I love ur laugh

Kayls Krish says:

hearing his laugh makes every thing okay in life

Munksfan1 says:

I relate sooo much to this video omg

Genevieve Smith says:

I used to dream about a magic magnet that would take out all of my pimples in one swipe! I love popping pimples hehe

Brianna Chiavetta says:

I love pimple popping videos. I even love popping my own pimples. I don't know why but I love it so much.

•Jenn• _ says:

tyler is not tyler without his laugh

Amelie Osman says:

Ohh I love this Tyler ♥️❤️

Jayden Le says:

Taylor, ur not the only one who will do anything to pop a zit or pimple

Miss Adventure says:

I don't get grossed out by it. I actually find it satisfying and interesting to watch. 🙂
It's really hard to gross me out. xD

Andrew Lake says:

I can't not pop my pimples but I have one right now next to my nose that I CANNOT get rid of and I'm pissed.

Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl says:

I'm stressed, O have to finish my homework and I stayed up till 5 am and I am still not done

Erica Selby says:

I am satisfied with popping bubble wrap.

Sam Rabey says:

Lol your swearing more now lol. I always have to pop them to 🙂

Magikae says:


Star Twins says:

Can I just say… I freaking love you along with your reaction and laugh! You are just so freaking love-able!😂

ellietheblackcat :3 says:

I relieve stress by listening to asmr. It's so satisfying I can't put it into words.

Emma Salmon says:

A cure for dermatillomania?

kaylee jacobi says:

honey it works!!

kaylee jacobi says:

i relieve stress by lighting a candle & turning off my lights, listening to a chill playlist & doing breathing exercises