Petscop 21 – The Sign but ACTUALLY synced

C’mon people it’s not that hard to sync accurately
anyway damn Care is funny af lmao legend


Snekcharmer says:

I just wanna know how did you find this.

Leighton Petty says:

We really just got King Kong-ed all over again

X SkyChaser X says:

This is the greatest anime opening I've ever seen.

Jack Moon says:

It's not hard to sync, but be deleted for copyright…

GymnopedieTornado says:

I still am not really sure exactly what’s happening here, but even from what little I understand it’s broken my heart.

Michael Aldridge says:

The creator(s) of petscop can no longer sing this song in public at risk of giving away their identity

Casual Henry K says:

Is Rainer secretly SiIvaGunner?

Berry says:

This is not unironically my favorite song now.

Seriously, it's really really good.

ectoBiologist15 says:

ok now THIS is epic

Clutterfunky says:

Is this actually what care was "dancing" to? That's amazing if it is

Logan Hilburn says:

For some reason, I wish this had subtitles.

K - Ace says:

Thats really cute :3

Jatin Kumar [JT] says:

This will be in my mind forever

Austin Official says:

Look at her go!

Luma is Annoying says:

This makes me so fucking happy and I’ll never understand why-

Josephine Bowen says:

While all yall be laughing Rainer and Paul are just sobbing in joy and sadness .

StasherDragon says:

I'm getting goosebumps!!!

Amirite says:

"Me awkwardly dancing to the music while being pulled over by a police officer for speeding." -2018, December

npknhdfrvr says:

This song always creeped me out since I was a kid ever since this song as well as All That She Wants (also by Ace of Base) played on loop. Now this just added to the nightmare fuel. Thanks petscop

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