Pancake Pen – Product Review

Jack tests out the Pancake Pen. Watch and see what happens.
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Fabrizio says:

hard to put in that little hole

болтун эсминец says:

Non-chunky pancake batter is a sign of over mixing which causes thin and bad batter. Stop blaming the products for your failures

Al Kalaitzidis says:

You are an absolute clown…I know this is old, but damn how dumb can you be…it’s the bottles fault for the damn batter being runny…maybe it’s your fault you clown

This is coming from someone who enjoys your actually cooking videos but damn man

Demegor says:

just use an empty ketchup bottle its what i do XD

MysteriousCatLady says:

Someone, has never heard of a funnel 🤣

sanchopancho02 says:

That's basically just a sauce bottle

Lloyd Macdonald says:

SIIIIIKE i dont even like pansnakes

Lloyd Macdonald says:


Lloyd Macdonald says:

i love pancakes

Ricardo Herrera says:

wow, cant even draw a simple "1"

Giselle Benhumea says:

U need to make the batter thicker bro add more flower

Carol Binnie says:

Your not supposed to wear the pancake mix lmao 😛

Mike Long says:

Can't even prepare proper batter…smh