PACKING FOR FIJI!! Sydney Serena Vlogs

Today I get ready and pack for my vacation to Fiji!! Stay tuned for some fun Fiji vlogs 🙂
Syd ?

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Jessica Clark says:

its a little late but you don't want to be wearing jeans in fiji

abeera riaz says:

i saw you in ellie’s vlog!

Ralaine Abrigo says:

Ily Syd! ?

Isaac Tabua says:

BULA VINAKA from Fiji Syd .. SAFE TRAVELS & hope you enjoy urself ….if you ever in Suva .. Turn UP !!

Areebah’s Crazy toys and stuff says:

My mum is from Fiji

Mariana Giraldo says:

OMG I've always wanted to go to FIJI it's my dream place to travel to.

리퀴드잉글리시LiquidEnglish says:

How old is she??

Jen _29 says:

Bora Bora is in Tahiti. Different place. Fiji is way better tho. Ok cause I've been there *ik

Allison Brandt says:

have so much fun on your trip! you're so pretty and you're my fav youtube ily!!

Valerie Lamie says:

Hi! Love you Syd! What music do you use?❤️❤️

Crafting Sisters says:

It takes really long for me to up lode a video too

Ahna Demenge says:

Hi!❤️ Will you ever do a meet in Duluth? I really want to meet you?

Jonary Amber Parulan says:

I love you syd you are soo pretty????

Farah Almeshal says:

Your life is so much fun

Shyla McFarland says:

This might be creepy but I live in MN and I was wondering where in MN you lived… I'm not trying to stalk her but just wanted to know

its yeesha says:

Love you so much

Marisol Swenson says:

i have always wanted to go fiji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mona Hanna says:

l am traveling to Mexico in 1 week l am so excited??

Shopkins wonder world /Miniature Artist says:

She doesn't like cooked cheese but I hate carrots hmm ??

Dalena Tran says:

3:14 killed me…. that look ???LOve ya Syd

muhammadhu fausz Muhammadh says:

Cuuuute ?

Another Gymnast says:

You're so fun and amazing Syd! I hope i was your friend! Have a safe and fun time and journey in Fiji!? Ps: please vlog everything apart from even showing to us it will be a great memory to look at few years later 🙂

Madeleine Weiß says:

What is the name of your outro song? I just can't find it on shazam 🙁

Bre Woodsy says:

Hey Syd, is there a way i can contact you? Excluding instagram? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thanks! Love you!

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