Ozark Trail 10X10 Screen House Product Review – Fail

Ozark Trail 10X10 Screen House Product Review – Fail

Product review of the Ozark Trail 10X10 screen house. In this video we setup the screen house, or attempt to, and show all of the features that it has.

It includes a bag, and sets up in a few minutes. It is great for hunting, fishing, camping, backyard BBQ

Available at Walmart

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HomeownerRepair says:

We’re running a giveaway if you would like to get in on it. Here is a link to it https://youtu.be/XJzj6DK7T7M

CamperMike says:

My First up canopy the top is worn out so I’m looking to replace it and that brand is no longer around but I hear Ozark Trail version is supposed to be the same but quality is nowhere what it was before. Looked this up and really mixed reviews so I think I will go with the Coleman version.
I see you made your deck out of pallets. Nice and it works

Brandon Greenleaf says:

I want one of these. Good video. That girl was dreading you dragging her outside to help. Too funny.

DOS UNO says:

This canopy doesn’t need to be staked?

Kevdawn Jones says:

Any hints on securing to the ground on the sand?

J Dode says:

This is an excellent example of NOT READING the instructions first. The blind leading the blind. I hope the woman is not planning to put her life in the hands of someone who is just as clueless in the wilderness.

vijay kumar reddy says:

Good video. Question though, does it protect from rain? I was planning to buy this to setup a table under this where I should be able to cook if it rains. Do you think that this will help?