Our Dream Wedding!!

After Nearly 10 years together. Brittney and I finally got married in the very beautiful Maui. We wanted a very small and close family wedding. That’s exactly what we did. We are now officially The Atwoods. Thank you so much for being a massive part of our daily life. Thank you for the support over the years and for growing with us. Thanks for liking the videos and always sharing with friends and family. THANK YOU!!

Huge Thanks to Jamie O Brian for providing so much fun on this trip. Please go show his channel some love here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_q6aOlvPH7M-j_XGWVgXg

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my WIFE Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


RomanAtwoodVlogs says:

Thank you so much for all your support on our wedding. Brittney ATWOOD!! Woohoo. We are so excited to finally be married. If you have a extra second please hit that little thumbs up button for us and share with some friends and family today. We thank you forever! See you so soon.

Sultan Robian says:

Like, if you cried yourself too bad that you’ve always dreamed of ur wedding to be with this much love and more but you lost that person, and they’re happily married while you’re still trynna fit someone in their missed space; HOWEVER YOU CANNOT!!

melany granados says:

Brian ☺☺☺☺???☺? i gf a

Zohair Vlogs says:

Zeus is so happy now that Roman and Brit are married he’s probably like “Finally there married”.Congrats brit and Roman

CW Barry Allen says:

I almost feel terrible for Noah, he still has his real mom, and he might feel really horrible that Roman has completely moved on from his real mom , I’m probably miss reading this, idk

Kevin Rangel says:

Man I never imagined a wedding so……….aloha

CrazyLlamaMan says:

hey, stop scrolling and watch the video

Sandy Beach says:

congratz! what a beautiful couple and family =)

Robert Eller says:

That was such a beautiful wedding thank you for sharing I was in tears

P McBride says:

I was there I remember those little houses

Tammy Heathcote says:

You guys look so beautiful together

Katie W. says:

Im so happy for you guys! Now Brit is Finally Mrs.Attwood! So happy for the kids as well! Congrats again 🙂

Tub Sibba says:

Bruh I said hi to you at the Maui airport

Eimob _ says:

I’m late but congrats. I can’t believe o was in Hawaii while you were having your wedding there.

Jessie Vapez says:

First thing I thought was i wish Zeus was there with you, but he was looking down at you crying happy tears for you two

Erica Yand says:

Noah has been through a lot this past years glad he has a real mom and dad and family that loves and cares about him Noah finally has a nice mom and family congratulations mr and mrs Atwood

Jay KayPop says:

I like how you guys decided not to have a hugeee wedding like most. The dress was so pretty and this was so memorable! I’m so so happy for you guys~

marshall02' says:

Im a little late but congratulation bro!

Kicker Doom says:

Omg after all these years of us being together and living in the same house and having kids together you wanna marry oh my god that's so cute I was never expected that it's not like we've done everything that a married couple does before they get married omg I'm so surprised it's unbelievable

Affelstann says:

At the intro I cringed so much it's also set up XD

Ninja and myth For life says:

What island

ZillaPlays says:

25:18 faints Two channels i love (or 4, as matt has 3) coming together. yay!

Jamison Pegus says:

Congratulations Roman u have seriously scored ur self a prize
Treat her well

Rylan Why don’t we says:

I went on that when we went to Texas

Cano Tab says:

Omg I'm crying I love you guys so much

Aiden 8225 says:

I make $100, 000 every time you blink

craig gorman says:

I know it's late but Congratulations to you both. What a Absolutely Outstanding video. ?

Fardus Ahmed says:

What's the purpose get married they fuck they have kids with out a marriage we living a sick world

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