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Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj9jzIqSJwE


Jayshawn Smith says:

Brandon made his own parodie

Mason Haley says:

Loool that fucking intro

Samthea Palmer says:

This was uploaded on my birthday

davidcici11Evolution says:

React to Doja Cat "mooo"

13arianna says:

how u never see 1d before

OmNi Blaze says:

5:13 bruh I’m dead asf.

Fred Kool says:

3:19 After Brandon laughed, his face turned grumpy again after 3 secs

Demitria Adams says:

1D split up

Lolo Glo says:

What’s wrong with being skinny?😭

lil josh tv says:

The stupid hoe one scared me

Dominic Campbell says:

You can tell how old the creator of this video was, because he didn't have any Weird Al. Seriously, Smells Like Nirvana, I'm Fat, Amish Paradise, White and Nerdy, Confessions III, Trapped In the Drive-Thru.
Also, there's a parody called Love Soda that's funnier than everything in that video.

Bad Bitch Yessemine says:

Zayn was in one direction

maxdrags3 says:

There are WAY better parodies out there…

Drizzy Vidzz says:

I dont want none of that your butt is too damn fat you’re gonna eat this drake no i need wait nikki over there what are you saying drake im trying to warn you nikki behind you there’s a snake

Taishawn Armstrong says:

5:09 BRUH!!