Operating Cat 627 Scraper from cut area to fill area

Operating Cat 627 Scraper from cut area to fill area

Decided Id slap a GoPro on a CAT 627 Scraper and make a round. These scrapers are old but they still move a bunch of dirt. They have twin engines front and back so that a push-cat isnt required to get a load.

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Stuart D Knight Author says:

Some scraper operators need to learn how important lip operation is to loading your machine faster, and fuller. Load should look like the top of an ice cream cone in that bowl.

ron vdwiel says:

Did you ever compare this type of operation with a set up with a wheel-loader loading tipper trucks? We don’t use scrapers often here and I wonder how this operation compares with respect to fuel-efficiency (ltr/m3 or gallons per volume transported ) and operational costs… What is the average pay-load per trip? Would be interesting to compare the cycle-times and productions… 🙂

Leeross 447 Grce1122 says:

Pick it up and go.

James Pruett says:

Operated Cat 627A back in the 70’s. Then Tearex TS-14s and a TS-18.

Lindaura Martins says:


Simon Taylor says:

It’s not big enough!

داوود سالم says:


BRETT says:

Fairly long haul to the fill area.

Hallyson Motovlog - CE says:

Quem estuda Eng. Civil e veio assistir isso pq tá estudando esse assunto?

Tmsultan Tmsultan says:

Teringat masa kerja di aay dulu, bawa scraper.

John Nelson says:

Those things make young men old

M Hoff says:

I started operating Caterpillar equipment in the late 60’s, several dozers and some scrapers were cable yet and pony motors to start the diesel engine.. But, close to 33 years on scraper alone, so I really like watching these equipment videos, brings back memories.. The 631 & 627 scrapers were productive scrapers and rather easy to maneuver in tight places..

Olindo Bandeira says:

Vídeo 🔝🔝🔝 , me fez lembrar de quando asfaltaram a estrada onde moravamos no sítio !!!!

snowmchristv2 says:

Had one of those things chase me as a kid. We pulled marking stakes out of the ground and were sword fighting, guy was pissed

Goofy Bri says:

How do the pan operators know where to scrape and where to dump? Seems like these points constantly shiift around as the project develops. Don they radio one another? Or is a case of follow-the-leader?

John Gould says:

I operated with older equipment. All cable with a D9 in front " Cat and Can ". The Cat could walk right on through those cables if you weren’t carful. I watched an operator do this 9 times in three days. I had to help him retread those cable. I also operated as a " Push Cat " when we were too deep  and had him push me out so to get  a full load of rock and dirt digging a 6 ft core trench  also using scarfing teethfor the dams.

Dale Straw says:

took to long in the cut a lot of material going out the top sides of the bowl.

Jpaydirt says:

Mark is that a stiff hitch? better check with your doctor to see if your insides are healthy enough for scraper——> ☻

RBP69METAL says:

Seems like an awful amount of time, money, fuel and man hours spent just to move a bunch of dirt. You hire a bunch of good ol’ Canadian boys with a few hutterites with shovels an wheel barrels, pay em some beer and we’d get it done….mind you those damn Hutterites would just be bitchen about de beer but we could just give em a goat or sumthin!

Daniel Hurtubise says:


Moo01100 says:


Mark Baker says:

in some material its hard to get that :ice cream topping:

Vida Juzė Baikštytė says:

O gerai, tai nors paaiškėjo kaip tas daiktas darbuojasi.

Jeff Harris says:

They are if u are in gutless dry silica sand even deflated tyres don’t help in that shit. Is your cushion hitch not working?

hippie john says:

an operator once told that you get on the scraper an disengage your brain.

TheBeingReal says:

Are those dual pull behind scrapers more efficient?

Don Cornwell says:

I can go back to the big green machines … The old Terex 24s with duel engines


Where was this video made? what part of the world?

Tmsultan Tmsultan says:

Teringat masa kerja di aay dulu, bawa scraper.

Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere says:

Driver wasting a lot of fuel by overfilling and grinding for nothing