Opening Minutes of Season 5, Episode 7 | Fear The Walking Dead

Watch the opening minutes of the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Don’t miss the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday, July 14 at 9/8c.

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Fear the Walking Dead: The Opening Minutes of Season 5, Episode 5

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The Zee says:

I… Think I'm done. This looks horrible. The editing is trash. The cinematography is trash. The characters, storyline, all trash. It feels like a parody at this point. It sucks, I really wanted to like this show.

Leshaun Griffith says:

I hate what this show has turned into. It's called fear the walking dead not "save" the walking dead. They killed off Madison and put Morgan in her place. The show was better back than, the intro is not even scary compared to what they had at first. This show was good until they killed off the best characters that even gotten the show this far. I bet this season is probably gonna end so bad they'll never get renew for season 6.

Horror Fan180 says:

Wow this episode looks Good and just seen the comments and there still fans salty about FTWD adding some Humor? Um what about Negan on the main show he's one of the main reasons I stop watching the other show I still think Maggie should had killed him for the TV Show but his character gets a pass because he's a beloved comic character and it happened in the source material lol it made Maggie look like a complete moron. You tell me if some Women watched her Dad get murdered right in front of her by some guy with a Baseball Bat she would forgive him after 6 years if she sees him again "NO" The Memories will come back from that day Most people would want Vengeance.

So the other show takes everything soo seriously when they had a Tigar in it with a guy role playing as a King these people complaining about FTWD really need help its all fake both shows are fantasy… Zombies are not Real so I wish they would stop bitching.

Xavier Lewis says:

Whose ready to get sad!! Just watched this episode, let's just say It's clear this person is gonna die but there's a chance they can still live. Here's to hoping bc if they die I'll still watch but it won't be the same.

Ronnie Lease Jr says:

i Love FEAR The Walking Dead show my babe Alycia Lexa Alicia so beautiful sexy hot girls bad ass i m her fans so much ❤❤❤❤❤

BalkanDeputy says:

Pimple has destroyed FTWD, why put him in charge of anything else?

j - levine says:

I'm looking forward to this episode and after the mid Season Finale…to the people complaining DON'T WATCH IT if you don't like this show. I know the new Showrunner's take on FTWD is wierd with them adding some comedic moments but I have alittle faith in them and to some idiot FTWD doesn't need that Showrunner that runs the main series. All she does is Timeskips after big moments and let's be honest people wouldn't like her direction either if she stop following the comics and adding comic characters. I can't wait to the main show runs out of comic material LOL then will see which Walking Dead show is better.

The Walking Dead anyway has lost Andrew Lincoln and all of its main characters accept Daryl and Carol and yet people keep saying it's better It Sucks Now. I love FTWD main characters and I know im gonna love the third series main characters aswell. When The Walking Dead runs out of comic material they should cancel it and make more Walking Dead Spin-offs instead. I'm glad some people like FTWD these hate comments got to go man im getting tired of these idiots bashing the series.

Strats says:

My little cousins name is Dylan so it's cool just to hear Alisha say it

Shawn Shirshekar says:

MY GOD THIS SHOW IS SO ASS NOW. It's like they purposely made it dumber and cringe to appease a younger fan base. Might as well air this shit on nickelodeon now. Hope they fire the showrunners for this travesty

Batman Shadow says:

Oh Boy Cant Wait Next Sunday FTWD Season 5 Episode 7

Steve Von Doom says:

what a tangled web we weave… 😉

BJVA85 says:

Alicia is the best!

Gold Finger says:

I never understood how you can stab a knife thru a skull. Bones dont get soft like that.

MonkeyBomb 918 says:

This season is starting to lack direction.

Grimes on the radio says:

This looks okay, but then again I said the same thing about episode 5x0sick, yep that's what I am calling it, this week's episode better be good

AhZorah says:

Badass Alicia

Two Hands and a Radio says:

Daniel will somehow save everyone in episode 8.

David Decipher Everything says:

The walkers are really good in this opening sequence. You have to give praise to the sfx department for that.

Russell Irwin says:

Good old fear dragging crap out

Ciara ooh says:

We'll be tuning in this Sunday, can't wait! Season 5 has been awesome so far!!!
Strand and Charlie don't know how to identify walkers with burns 😬 Morgan should had said those vials around their necks. Grace will have to come rescue & decontaminate, they all take off & let other reactor blow.

Kayoss13212 says:

Tbh. I actually do like the idea of using radioactive walker. With how easy it is to kill them, I’ve felt like the Walkers have kinda lost what makes them scary. I just hope that this could also seep through to the Walking Dead 🙏🤞

This Guy says:

Should of crossed over Carol. Someone's gotta kill these kids🤣

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