Omron HeartGuide – CES 2019

The Omron Heartguide finally has FDA approval and will be hitting shelves this week for a price of $499.

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佐藤賢一 says:

Where can I get this watch? My family had been looking for it in L.A. But, she couldn't.

V D says:

FDA clearance but absense of an active heart rate sensor in my view makes me wonder if it is worth buying. It also begs the question whether the active heart rate tracker feature on the most commonly available fitness trackers which cost less than a fraction of this product, are just gimmicks. There must be some reason why Omron omitted to include an active heart rate tracker on this product. Could it be that the presence of that feature could have dented the products prospects of FDA clearance. I wonder.

Gesitari Diriyai says:

Must the watch be worn only on the left hand?

Sacha Vasic says:

Is this Watch only for the US Market??? No Europe ???

Jahja Maramis says:

Where to buy this, I am in Jakarta INDONESIA

Infidel Gastro says:

They're definitely on the right track. We need far better HRM's built into out activity devices than what is currently available right now. The main probable reason why Apple got their certification from the FDA for their wearable gadget was because, well… they are Apple…

Tim Lara says:

That's pretty cool. I always thought that wrist cuffs were supposed to be less accurate for blood pressure, though. If this one is accurate, that's pretty impressive that the rep's numbers were that good while standing up and talking!

M. Y. says:

Are you going to full review this device? I'm wondering if the optical heart rate sensor works very well during sport activities 😍

M. Y. says:

Can you use it for jogging and strength training?

George T says:

If it's a medical device more than anything by what they are saying why can't I get it through my insurance or medical/Medicare!!!? $400!? 🤔

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