NEW Summer 2019 Official Apple Watch Bands Review (ALL COLORS!)

Here is a quick look at the newly released summer bands for the Apple Watch available in both the 40mm size and 44mm size & coming in at $49 a band! These are some of my favorite videos to make and are well received as I showcase the different bands in different lighting so you can get the most accurate look. Let me know in the comments below which of the new bands is your favorite!

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Huge shoutout to my good friend Abby for helping me take some of these shots. Thanks Abby!
Abby’s IG: abbymiw
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Thanks for watching!


TheJuan&Only says:

Don’t forget to enter my PowerBeats Pro/AirPods 2 giveaway! Head over to my PowerBeats Pro Review so you can know the details about it! Check it out here: Good luck to everyone 😁

Suzanne Taylor says:

Great vid but I have to laugh when you say Can-er- ie yellow .. it’s pronounce the same as the bird Cun-nare-ie Canary 🦜 💛

BryantCabrera says:

Thank you! I just subscribed and liked. I’m really hoping to win the Pride bands! :D.

Ms. Pretty Vain says:

That’s DRAGON FRUIT IS 😍😍😍😍 I need it for my XS Max & Apple Series 4

Signe Villumsen says:

Can i please have i IPhone xs

Caleb Harinarain says:

The pride one looks ugly

Evilmastermind2001 says:

Glad I watched your 2 recents, changed my decision on what band I want

Samit Satapathy says:

That blue one is 💙

Vlogs by Maddy says:

I want to get the pride band but I’m straight and I feel like I don’t have the right to wear it almost😭

rawrbro69 says:

To be fair Tim Cook is gay

Bharvi Dhaduk says:

I love rainbow band which is really good

Cub Reviews UK says:

Love your Apple Watch band reviews please keep doing them 👍

Z. says:

I’ve got to get my hands in the pride and dragon fruit bands!!


I'm a damn band addict…
Plz can I win this giveaway…..I'm so grateful whenever I watch your videos….u are so amazing Juan. .

The Big Shebang says:

I bought Cornflower and Dragon Fruit sport bands as they match the Gold aluminum Watch the best. And I have the Pride Edition one as I also have the 2018 one too.

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