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Jelly Bomb Update!!!
I used The Big Sleep for a second time recently and had an issue I didn’t the first time, it felt like there was a lot more of the “jelly” and the bath was struggling to empty the water!! I panicked thinking it had clogged my pipes, but after a few minutes everything was ok. Still, something to be careful of!

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Alisha Effendi says:

Not sure if you meant to say growny brey bath bomb but it cracked me up anyway! Your videos always cheer me up <3 I saw the jelly bath bombs while I was out today and don't think the texture is something I would enjoy, but to each their own!

jamie clarkson says:

Hi Kiera would you use say for example rose jam shower gel by lush or a body scrub say ocean salt . Would you use both of them at the same time ?

Grace dearing says:

I used the dark arts jelly bomb and it was sooo jellylicious but when I used marmalade and snow fairy it was nearly jellyless

Leanna Fodor says:

6:13 😂 😂 😂

Samantha Lynn says:

Okay so

I just have to say ,you look like a grown up ,pretty version of Wednesday Addams (not meant in an offensive way AT ALL) it's kind of blowing my mind 💕 you're amazing .

T⃟H⃟E⃟ S⃟T⃟O⃟R⃟M⃟ says:


bizzy says:

Your voice is actually really relaxing 😛

Mr Noose says:

The reason why I clicked on this is because I thought rump was Buck’s Fizz body conditioner 🙁
But i remember watching your videos MONTHS ago and I really wanted you to post because I loved them so I’m just going to binge watch you now.

couldnt choose a username says:

Comment on my comment I'll subscribe to you. I want to make people happy today. I just subscribed to this lovely lady already.

Ali Stamper says:

I hope you get the Bubble Spinners to test out!!!

Halleloolahoop says:

Yuge is pronounced like "huge"

Shawna Spadafore says:

You are so beautiful and nice video thanks!

Kat Draws says:

haha ASSpiration!

sumsum002 says:

Her eyes are purely stunning wowow

nekorin says:

Its been something like 4 months i havent taken care of my skin. Everytime i watch your lush videos it makes me so damn motivateeeeeddd. I have exams tomorrow…. i might pamper myself this evening c:

Gabrielle Poe says:

Watched this and had to buy the shirt.

Talia Lasko says:

Please do more lush videos! I love them!!!

Lily rose Lebanon says:

I love your accent

Eva P says:

lol'd at the Doctor Who bath bomb xD

Brittany Wertz says:

You are so funny! This is the first video of yours I've seen and I've already subscribed. 💜

Alexis Jaqueline says:

I love how she used the doctor who theme song to explain the grey bath bomb!❤️😂

hunter - says:

What's your phone case?

Sadiyah Motala says:

OMG the doctor who theme song

Sadiyah Motala says:

I went to lush and they said put the bathbomb in after you get in cuz its slippy

Grace Sawyer says:

where are your reading glasses from??? i love them!!!

Natalie Marie says:

Your eyes are so beautiful