NEW Apple Watch Bands!

These are the newest Apple Watch colors for Spring/Summer! So pretty – which is your fav?

Snapchat: iJustine


Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:


GamerBoy Two says:

When I wear my watch it also dents my arm.

Frederick Carlos says:

I am wearing the sport loop the wrong way.

Dewa Sandiarta says:

justin.. where is you buy it’s

Amy Theuambounmy says:

I love that ripped sweatshirt! Where did you get it?

Ratheesh V says:


Kart G says:

Torn between the stainless steel or space black.

Rach Williams says:

iJustine I’ll be putting mine new sports loop in a wash bag so it’s protected and easier to find.

Molly says:

LOL my arm has the apple watch dent too haha I saw the sign!

sal Vlogs says:

I like rolex watch more than apple watch

Tallon Cote says:

Thank you for posting these! Actually super helpful to see the lineup of bands and accessories. Apple should send you these all for free.

BertSesh says:

All these new band colours will go with the new iPhone

Vasco Neto says:

Maybe too dark (?)

Kris O says:

Mine indents my arm too 😂 I don’t know anyone who wears it as tight as I do

Shanti Mattie says:

Am I the only one that was hoping for some beiges and tans for spring?

RoDogVlogs _2 says:

YES I don’t like having my watch loose so I just put it right so it doesn’t move around and I have that thingy, and when I wore it on vacation I got a watch tan lmao

JJ&kenzie Nation says:

I have the purple one I love it

Brooke Celustka says:

I just bought the lilac sport loop with the gold stainless steel and I have to say it looks amazing! Because there’s a slight gold undertone to the band it ties into the watch perfectly. Thank you Justine for making this video and showing what everything looks like!

Stuart Holloway says:

You like that leather buckle? You need a leather loop. I have the stone leather loop and it’s CLASSY!

Sondra Sebald says:

Love this video. Upgrading from the gold series 3 with the sand sport loop to a series 4 with a black sport loop, and I want to get more bands (since I went up a size). So thank you for showing this!!

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