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Natural & organic deodorant that works? I’ve reviewed three and given the low-down on my experiences with them all. Have you tried natural deodorant? What’s your favorite?

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Anna K says:

When I lived in Colorado (during the winter) I tried Schmidt's Deodorant pot in Bergamot Lime and I had no problems with it at all (I was pregnant during that time too.). I've tried Primal Pit Paste in several of their paste pot scents. I've never tried the stick form (I lived in Indiana for a full season and found this deodorant to work fine for me on most days. It's not so great on extremely muggy days. I now live in Arizona. Primal Pit Paste DOES NOT WORK for me during the summer (It melts and becomes soupy). For me Primal Pit Paste also gives me a rash when I apply it the same day I shave under my arms. For some reason, I have no need for any deodorant at all during the Arizona winter/spring/fall seasons.). When I lived in California, I tried Now brand Apricot scented deodorant stick. It smelled like a desert to me and it didn't make me break out, but it was one of the worst natural deodorants for me. I might have had a defective one because it was too creamy and melted as if it was mostly coconut oil the moment I put it to my skin. Customer service was horrible. They flat out told me that it was my fault that I smelled so bad. They wouldn't refund my money or replace the stick. I also tried the crystal deodorant in both crystal and liquid form. They didn't really work for me.

Teisa Sterling says:

Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease too- plus, apparently “natural mineral salts” most often = (Potassium Alum) = Aluminum. Smh I’ve been using crystal deodorants thinking I’m so healthy but nope, same stuff that’s in typical deodorants 😪

Nicole Harvey says:

I would try the Sprouts brand. The liquid mineral salt spray has worked great for me. No fragrance at. I was shocked. It literally looks like water in a spray bottle. Mineral salt and water are the only ingredients. I also hear great things about Arm and Hammer aluminum free for tougher and stronger protections.

Shanika Weerasundara says:

Very helpful. Wow, thank you so much!

Nicole D. says:

Are these deodorants toxic free?

Audrey says:

Have you tried arm & hammer? Love the video BTW

Tyshell Oliver says:

I use sam's natural its nice

Bottle Solvent says:

Yes! Schmitts in the tub. I switched about a year ago and haven’t missed the old crap. I’m allergic to aluminum though. There’s a trick with some brands (you have to warm it up or it’ll irritate) and there’s also a period of “detox” where your skin will try to revolt (at least for me there was). But overall I have no regrets and won’t go back. I feel better. Lol

Malte Dextrine says:

Nice hairdo

tanner benton says:

Great review! On my natural journey I found deodorant with baking soda does absorb odor and moisture well, but is VERY irritating to my skin. Toms is no better than a dab of coconut oil.
For two months now I have been using Piper Wei and I’m IN LOVE!!! Uses activated charcoal instead and is very clean. It lasts all day too!!

Nollia Parkinson says:

I definitely agree that there are a lot of cancer causing ingredients in deodorants, I'm so thankfully that there are natural option available.

Mark Gibson says:

I found a new natural alternative. Lume deodorant, they have a youtube site too. all natural, no aluminum and no baking soda, i know that baking soda can irritate some people. you can use it anywhere on your body. and they have some kind of bunny award for not hurting animals and passed some weird sniff test, check the video. they list their ingredients and it was developed by a doctor, not a big company. easy to order online too. it lasts two days for me and i am a stinky guy living in Texas
Read more

Lynj J says:

Nature's gate buy where?

Desire Aziz says:

I get irritated with natural deodorant that hache baking soda. It makes my skin ish a lot!

Ora Wheeler says:

This is the proper video for anybody who wants to search out out about this topic. You understand so much its almost exhausting to argue with you (not that I really would wantHaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, just nice!

A R says:

Arm and hammer essentials unscented is a good one to try.

Khisa Arce says:

Thank you very informative…. I've been deodorant(regular) free for a month and it's trail and error… I am also starting my children on natural deodorant because I have a little girl and I've been faced with lumps under my arms many times so better safe than sorry😊

Tamara Sanouge77 says:

you might be allergic to baking soda… most of these deodorants have baking soda in them and do tend to cause itching

Rebeka Woods says:

I just bought the toms apricot deodorant because I've gone vegan I hope it works better for me

Jan R.O says:

do you recommend using soft&dri aluminum free??

Chloe Hartounian says:

I've been using the TOMS Men's deodorant for a few months now and it was working fine for a bit but now I feel like it just does not do the job. I used homemade coconut oil and baking soda deo for a while and it sort of did the job, but I still had odor here and there. I've notice that the Lush deodorant power actually does a great job and I love the herb scent! Although the fact that it's a powder makes it a bit inconvenient.