NAC FerroMaster C456 & RTM Fox Vs TDK AR & Maxell UR – The Shootout!

The NAC FerroMaster C456 & RTM Fox are brand new cassettes. The NAC has been marketed as “the highest quality super ferric type I tape ever made.”
So in this video I take a Nakamichi Dragon and compare the NAC C456 with a classic Super Ferric, the TDK AR and see who it fares. I also compare with the RTM Fox and the humble, but widely available, Panggung made Maxell UR.

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wildbilltexas says:

If I were a musician and had NAC duplicate 100+ cassettes on their new tape and it sounded like it did at 31:29 I would have sent them right back saying they were defective. By the end it sounded like you were recording on a Tone Master that was gumming up the heads. BTW I love that Dragon, its a tape tweakers dream, but for your sake I wish it had presets for bias-levels controls.

grbluen says:

Thanks so much! This is the comparison that I've been hoping for! Tapeheads rule!

Baron_Lawder says:

Can you make a video about the green-hub tape ? I'm curious to how it performs

T. Money says:

Man! Your Nak, looks and sounds sweet!! Wish i could afford one.

Jason J says:

In what way are the green-hub tapes "not great"? I bought some C120s in that style recently (with yellow hubs) and they seem perfectly serviceable to me.

Analog Transmissions says:

I like how you go after the raised nosed mama's boys that sit in their pajama's in their mama's warm house and pound out diatribes all day onto a computer. I still monitor said board, but I have not posted in years. Dealing with wanna-be know-it-all's that have absolutely no place passing judgement on anyone, let alone if a guy wants to sell some tapes is not my bag. To each their own and it all comes down to respect in the end.

Analog Transmissions says:

It all comes down to all of these tape people on message boards running their mouths about how they want new tape, and they will support new tape…Then when it comes out all they do is b#tch, whine and moan and then they never buy the tape. If these don't sell, it's over. For a market to grow and sustain it's self it needs support from the public, and when it is a niche market, it needs those in the cult hood to support it or it will die. As usual, so many of these big talkers are finding excuses not to go up to the plate now that their number has been called.