Monster Hunter World | Charge Blade Tutorial

The complete Charge Blade tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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Kurokami says:

Love you guides senpai

Cain Horton says:

What Arekkz said: "Holding Down R2, which is guard–"

What I heard: "Holding down R2, which is God–"

Takes notes that R2 is God mode.

Andrew Levister says:

Morph weapons are easily the strongest weapons. I love and main Switch Axe and Charge Blade equally

DannyBoy says:

Great job explaining all the moves. You are great at making these video's!!

Karma Productions says:

could you eventually transfer these guides or pc

Oreosaurus says:

The reason why I can't follow any guide I find:
I'm using an Xbox controller and the buttons don't match mine

New Generation Money says:

just woke up and thought ok today is the day to learn charge blade: i was wrong

BaconWhitEggs says:

This was the first weapon I used, since it was a sword and board which suits me. I could not get the hang of it, this video makes me want to try it again!

Paulunatr says:

God this weapon seems so cool and deep! I wanna learn more about it!
(5 minutes in)
Nope, going back to the lance

Daltemir1 says:

How to easily complete game with charge blade for beginner: spam sword attacks until red bar, press double attack (rt+b on xbox controller) when possible from rt+b and 3+ phials, spam B until the big boi damage, and just repeat this over n over. It's really not that hard since it's so op even when used incorrectly.

Tempered James says:

Thx I now know how to use the most powerful move I da best

MindDaze says:

For Keyboard and Mouse users
R2=ctrl///Triangle=Left Mouse///Circle=Right Mouse

Wizard says:

Did they change how the charge blade works now?

Vlosyros Kay says:

Do you need sword charge to do the super amp-ed charge?
nonetheless, thanks for the vid~

Lucas Adams says:

Gets to 8:06
Ok…I think I'm just gonna stick with Greatsword and Longsword

MrMilkyCoco says:

Thanks I decided to start using charge blade and really was having trouble knowing how to charge it up >< IU was practicing this weapon in tempered elder fights which was such a bad idea since I didnt know how to use it properly.

First Don Diego says:

You should have probably mentioned that in order for the elemental discharge to actually fire, the phials have to be white. It took me forever to figure out why it wouldn't do it, and this is with me playing while following along.

(Still confused as hell mind you).

Fuego says:

I feel like u couldve still explained this slower as its still confusing for people who dont know how to use this weapon

DDUNK says:

Kratos is that you?

YUNG Amxterasu says:

this is really hard to understand when youre playing on a pc.

Shubham Pushkar says:

Thanks for your help,but it's kind a complicated weapon guess I need more practice.🤔

YUNG Amxterasu says:

charged blade for aesthetics

CanduGame says:

for pc please

EL TORO says:

This weapon is so sexy

Iron Crab says:

I main Hammer since ps2 days, but sometimes you need to switch it up. I've gone longsword since mh tri as my second weapon, but after watching this video I'm going to do charge blade as my secondary. Now I just have to figure out what ranged weapon I'll specialize in. Thanks for the video! I love your content!