Monster Hunter World | Bow Tutorial

The complete Bow tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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Arekkz Gaming says:

For a few extra, advanced Bow tips, be sure to check out the Weapon Workshop Plus episode:

Nick IBlazeshotzI says:

You Earn a sub, Why cause you give more details^^

Brett Bloody Hell says:

are you better of going down the ore tree or the bone tree?

Spunkmint says:

could you please share your camera setting while using bow? thanks!

Bartemius Wightworty says:

Can you make tutorial video for pc player too?*____*

Faisal Mohammud says:

When you got bow charge plus you can access to new combos which are circle R2 circle R2 circle 2 Circle the second one is circle R2 R2 R2 circle these are the best and there're many combos u should figure them out yourself

Bill baggins says:

Hold L2+R2+O, and use right anolog.. wtf dude, how many fucking fingers do you have?!

Regal Panda says:

My only complaint about the bow is that the bow just looks so bland compared to other weapons. And by bland I mean their appearance is just so bland.

Hung Bodenciao says:

10:10 felt like listening to a lecture, I was falling asleep.

Roy K says:

Combos at 13:00.

Sujad says:

I tried using the bow but the way the controls work on the PC with the mouse and keyboard, it's super awkward to try to aim and move properly.

Reverse Seraph says:

anyone got any suggests for a bow? i normally run hunts solo cos i got no friends ;-:

TheLonelyEon says:

I feel like a complete idiot after watching this… Didn't even know you could do most of this. Oh well can begin practicing now xD

captainstabbin says:

I would enjoy the guide, but I hate how Arekkz spoils so many monsters in the videos.

Juan Campos says:

Great video trying to get back into monster hunter world and I'm going to try the bow.

Omgilovesteak says:

I am brand new to all of this but i really wanna use a ranged weapon… looks like bow will be my huckelberry

D M says:

It took you more than a minute to get to any information about the bow.

esme553 says:

For fucks sake I've been using the bow most of the game and I'm at the 3 part elder dragon mission post Nergigante and I had no idea you could charge a dragon piercer. I feel stupid.

Snow says:

combos 12:48