This miniature Zenith tube radio is a very collectible model. We will get it working and looking great!


ladamurni says:

Nice that you managed to find a matching knob!

Brandon Greenleaf says:

Love your videos. Would love some help with my 1949 rca tv. 📺

Barry Mayson says:

Have ever done a tour of all your radios on you tube? I would like to see them. I once I new a guy who had an enormous collection of communications sets a whole large bedroom with racks and racks of stuff.

reviews and repairs says:

another great video 🙂 . and i see we have the same taste in scopes !

Guglielmo Marconi says:

I note that the SMD 'clickey' soldering iron has been replaced by a smaller version, more appropriate for working on a little Zenith radio.

alanesq says:

great video as always 🙂
BTW – I have replaced the batteries in my old cordless drills with Lithium (18650s from old laptop batteries) and very impressed with the results. You can get a balance charger on ebay for around $20

Wenlocktvdx says:

That's one cute little radio

Generalny Inspektor Sił Zbrojnych Rajda says:

Wow, that's an impressive collection of knobs! Great job restoring this radio

Flat Broke Frank says:

Great little project Ron – ATB

Sweet Sweet says:

Iy love your job very nice I'm Morocco man 39 years please send me simply shema for radio tubes

GNU_Ninja says:

My OCD would compel me to sort out that collection of knobs. 😊

JayBee says:

I don't think steel wool was a good idea. Better to have gone straight to the rouge.

John Russell says:

First you need to know what needs to be done, then have the tools and materials required, and finally the skills and experience to do it. Glasslinger has all three. Excellent viewing.

Deer are Cute says:

That's a cute little radio. Would love to have that in my apartment. You did a great job polishing it up and making it look good. I wouldn't sweat the mistake you made in cutting that wire. Like you said it happens.