Maurice Lacroix New Watches of 2019 – 4K version

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a new video, but there has been a serious encoding issue with the previous publication. This is highly regrettable since it’s the first time we had published a 4K version, something which will now be the norm for us!!!!

Original intro:
We did our best to see other brands during the intense Geneva watchmaking week and one of these was Maurice Lacroix. It was their first time here in Geneva as they are part of these brands that have left Baselworld and are looking to get closer to their customers differently throughout the year.

But we were also very interested in seeing a rather crazy new timepiece of theirs where the hands kind of magically free themselves and move around in a very surprising way. This watch is the Aikon Mercury and is pretty puzzling to look at!!

Enjoy & Viva Watchmaking!


nasip kismet says:

03:33 My jaw dropped.

cakoo05 says:

Fuck I bought already aikon 42mm but 39 would fit better for me 😡😡😡

aca faca says:

Which movement is used as a base ???

dottorcarlone says:

Very interesting brand, amazing refined watches for the price and attention to details. Compliment to this watchmaker

Shipmate says:

WOW! I've ignored ML for years, but their AIKON series is amazing.

matthew hoover says:

I would like the Aikon bronze to have a bronze bracelet as well; this may be impractical but I like the bronze color but don't like leather straps. I would also be interested in the blue dial aikon if it had bronze indices, such as the new black dial model has.

varun kanth says:

wow that watch is cool!!

albert awuah says:


Mad Steve says:

From a design perspective it looks like a metal G Shock

&Ö& Paneristi says:

Audemars peguet copy cats. Shit is worse then Hublot

Иван Иваныч says:

Looks like AP

yooser naime says:

WTF? What is gained by having the hands whipping around like that? Seems dumb.

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