Man Cave – She Shed – Garden Office

Man Cave – She Shed – Garden Office

Building the Man Cave.

Update – This has now turned into a She Shed as my wife has acquired this and moved in.

This is a video record of my Garden office / Shed project.

Please find an update of what this looks like now.

This is a video of the plans and budget

I am not qualified or do this for a job, I just enjoy making things and this seemed like a good challenge.

I started it in March 2015 and finally completed it 9 months later in December 2015. I build this in my spare time.

I managed to get a great deal of the materials second hand or recycled.

Other items I had to buy new, but shopped around on line for the best price.

The timber base was from A1 Lofts who did a great job of our loft conversion a couple of years ago. I emailed them and they emailed out to all their contractors to see if they had any spare timber. I met with Dan from A1 lofts in Harlow and filled up a van load of timber.

The 4 x 2s were from a recycling timber yard in Peckham.

The other items such as the windows and doors and the front maple cladding were second hand from ebay. I had to travel to collect items from all over Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire.

Other items I had to buy new, but shopped around on line for the best price.

I did all the work myself apart from the final fix and certification of the electrics. The electrician was Billy Keppel from Keps Electrical.

I have written and recorded and played the instruments to the music on this video. The track is here

Contact: Angus on

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imtiaz uddin says:

Vastly inspiring? Did you use exterior graded plywood and timber?

Clifton Melonzon says:

Great job, it’s also a excellent job of showing great carpentry. 👌

Behtarin Superior says:

You should make a concrete base and very well known, you should only make the frame with planks fill with concrete much faster, cheaper and better island for humidity.

James Bourgeois says:


gaston 388 says:

Is beutifull congratulation! Saludos. From Argentina

Tim Schutte says:

, I don’t know where you live but your building just about on top of your property line. I was doing the exact same thing and some cock sucking dick licking ball sucking asshole in my neighborhood called the city and I had to hire a crane for $500 bucks a fucking hour to come move my entire good damn she’d over 20 feet to the other side of my property.

Randy Hoffman says:

Real nice don’t like the hanging light cords

Tim Schutte says:

, make a nice tv room
" Get Away " from the wife.
pool table, mini bar, dart board, ect. good job.
you sure used enough insulation that’s for sure.

D H says:

Nice job shoulda installed kitchen and bathroom while you were at it !

Jeremy Merrifield says:

Bit Posh

Robbie Hernandez says:

Gosh this made my bussy tingle

James Woodard says:

That’s so cool why don’t you

Simone Brandi says:

grosso abuso!

John Clarke says:

2×4 for floor joists while using 2×8’s for the ceiling with no double top plate, no window cripplers or headers. Still looks pretty nice though.

Cole Halford says:

What is that the song "Clocktower Bells" being played in the background?

Fra nce says:

if ever you had a fight with your wife you could sleep here lol

Tanya Vandenbroek says:

How much money did they all cost

iiAttqck says:

How much did it cost?

Allen J Bowers says:

It’s amazing what we humans are capable of doing — cool!

Derek Manning says:


Lil smokey says:

"his has now turned into a She Shed as my wife has acquired this and moved in. " the best part is she was probably complaining about the costs and time the entire time.

Gaming Master18285 says:

Im pretty sure no one wants to listen to the same beat for eight minutes

Aaron Spain says:

Sadly enough, this shed has more insulation than most houses in Australia, and we get very English weather in our capital cities.

Titan Gaming says:

I no joke got a StateFarm ad on this

Aiden Hank says:

New house for me?

Round says:

That’s messed up, she stole your man cave.

Dr. Feelgood says:

You do the work she reeps the reward lmao typical

Amin Bhola says:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cool

DAK TOE says:

Absolutely beautiful dude

ZeroPoint says:

cuck shed

Ron Pedersen says:

Men Caves are Men’s response to women taking over and completely controlling the main house. Men were relegated to the basement if that. Now they want a ‘she shed’? Really? They need that too? Women can’t be happy if they see a happy man the just want to steal it away for themselves. Men need to get their balls back.

iStandRedeemedKJB says:


sama tipu says:


Tyrone Granville says:

ass hole its too low to the ground

Artyom LaBeau says:

Stagger your boards dude..

nonono no says:

How much you pay for this?

J C says:

No place to quickly pee so you don’t miss the action in middle of a game? I’ll pass.

Rob Ramsey says:

okay but why did he buy all that shit on EBAY wtf like do they not have a habitat for humanity or like any recycled house part store? Is that England

Frank Lopez says:

It needs a bathroom and a bar 🍻🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Merlin Gallagher says:

Why do you need an electrician?
Except for the fuse box, you can do everything yourself here.
(and otherwise I would just do it myself)

FTC Thomas says:

Seen a radiator for heat, were is the furnace for that water radiator? What was used on the roof to keep it from leaking?

Dr. Arms says:

He left his 3rd and 5th quarter-panel open, and forgot to maintain an average sitting ratio of 3:7.5 on the lower subsection…
His peripheral spacing is a tad bit off, and I couldn’t help but notice his lack of wood preserving oil which will cause massive deterioration…

I would know, I’m a certified internet expert and made all this up right now

VovkinaFaso says:

самая тупая западная технология строить дом вокрук окон и дверей и потом не иметь возможности их заменить. Долбоёбы хуле

MR V says:

The only issue I see is when it pours, all that rain will just get collected underneath the structure leading to some major issues. I don’t see much drainage been done. It’ll look like a swimming pool underneath. Beautiful structure anyway, it’d be a shame to have it damaged by poor drainage.

92HondaEX says:

Just curious, why have a little hallway instead of one big open room?

The World Is Mine says:

Beautiful 👍🏻

DaBeast says:

So did u build this without the citys approval? No need for a permit? Im just wondering because I wanted to build something this size in the yard.

sama tipu says:

Good work


Im building one. Im fucking sold.

Mike Curtis says:

So, your footings are only buried like 2 or 3 inches (5-7.5cm) down? Not worried about settling? Also, it looks like your drainage is no deeper, or not much deeper than the ground under the shed. Why would you wait until the structure was built to add the drainage? You should have added drainage under the shed as well.